Wildlife and Sea Life That Live Off California’s Coast

Northern elephant seals can be found in different areas of California, and some stay permanently while others migrate between Alaska and Mexico. Their lifespan is considered short—around nine years—compared to their relative, the southern elephant seals that reside in the arctic. Researchers have uncovered that they feed continuously for several months, usually in the summer and fall. Males and females don’t often eat together. In fact, they have different eating routines and areas where they find food.

The majority of their life is spent in the water, most of it underwater, eating, diving, migrating, and sleeping. Capable of diving to depths of 2,000 feet with an average dive of 30 minutes, this ability allows them to not have to compete for food. A big bonus since many sea creatures don’t have the ability to go to the same depths of the ocean.

INSIDER TIPSpot them in Point Reyes National Seashore, in Año Nuevo State Reserve or Point Piedras Blancas, where they can be seen giving birth, sleeping on the sand, and playing for many months of the year.

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