Where to find answers to your questions about international travel

For the most part, the sites provide similar information in subtly different packaging. A few, however, have broken away from the pack by incorporating bonus features. Sherpa, for one, has a “newly added” and “upcoming changes” section, so you can stay abreast of the most current policy tweaks and prepare for whatever is barreling down the runway. This week’s entries included updates from Bermuda, Bahrain, Iceland and French Polynesia, which announced that it will reopen its borders on May 1. Kayak, the online travel agency, expanded its search filter to include pandemic-related preferences, such as “countries with open borders” and “quarantine not required.” When I chose “countries vaccinated travelers can visit” in Europe, five destinations matched my criteria. Each country profile included the number of active cases per 1,000 people and the percentage of vaccinated residents, statistics vital to the second step in planning: Should you go?

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