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The Ruth Dodsworth interview

(Image: Mark Lewis)

For 20 years, Ruth Dodsworth lived in a world where every decision was taken for her, from the outfits she wore to when she got up in the morning and who she was allowed to speak to on the phone.

They are everyday choices most of us take for granted but for years those simple acts were taken away from the ITV presenter by her controlling husband. For years, Jonathan Wignall frequently attended the studios and locations where she was filming, used their children to help him access her phone messages and mail and prevented her from socialising with friends and family. He even had a tracker fitted on her car so he could follow her movements.

Seven weeks after being jailed for coercive behaviour, his shadow still hangs heavy but Ruth is determined to look for the positives, is learning to live her life again and has a burning desire to use her case to help others.

Read the full interview here.

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