VCU staffers’ plates fuller to enable Rams to play | College Sports

That’s a major bear Martelli, Williams and Co. have had to tackle. A testing site was set up for the Rams’ men’s and women’s programs in VCU’s Sports Medicine Center adjacent to the Siegel Center and across the street from the Basketball Development Center, which has made things easier.

Martelli and Erica Snow, the women’s basketball team’s director of operations, sat in a conference room in the Basketball Development Center, 6 feet apart, and hashed out a schedule that worked for both the men’s and women’s teams.

On the designated days, testing occurs from 8:10 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. And it was important to them that they kept testing times consistent so players don’t have to remember different times for different days.

But it still requires frequent communication and collaboration between Martelli and Snow.

“Now we’re working with men’s basketball, so you have a men’s player who’s in front of you getting tested, time slot before you. And then women’s after,” Snow said. “So me and Jimmy, we’re always like, ‘Hey, can we switch this person’s time slot? Or, ‘Hey, we really need to get in early today so can we take over the morning time slots?'”

Williams, meanwhile, primarily plays a middleman role, communicating with VCU administration, Martelli and the men’s coaching staff. Some days, Williams said Martelli is the last person he speaks to before he goes to sleep, because they’re always trying to ensure the testing is mapped out the way it needs to be.

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