UPDATE – A Return to International Travel?

On Friday, June 18th, as hoped, members of the European Union voted to add the United States to their list of countries to lift pandemic-related travel restrictions! This is a significant step towards the normalization of international travel and removes one of the largest hurdles towards lifting the United States’ travel ban/National Interest Exemption requirements for travelers from Europe.

Although this is an important step forward, please note that all travel restrictions for incoming US travel from Europe remain unchanged until further notice. We strongly advise you contact our office before planning any travel to the United States from Europe.

It is important to note that this does not mean carte blanche travel to Europe is once again available, but it does signal the first of several important steps to normalize international travel in the wake of the pandemic. Individual European countries have their own sets of rules and restrictions on travel from the United States – and significant restrictions remain in place to date for most of Europe. Before making any travel plans, we strongly advise that you research the individual country’s rules and regulations regarding travel from the United States, including but not limited to, testing, vaccination documentation, potential quarantine, and the like. Green and Spiegel has contacts all across Europe and would be happy to recommend our fellow experts to assist you if travel to Europe is required.

As this is a continually developing situation, Green and Spiegel will constantly monitor and provide updates as they become available. Importantly, and as noted above, all travel restrictions to the United States remain in place until further notice, including the travel ban and National Interest Exemption requirements.

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