UK Covid travel news: France’s Amber plus rules ‘to be scrapped in days’

It comes after the decision to keep France on the amber plus list was met with backlash with some MPs calling it discriminatory and “scientifically unfounded”.

Under current government guidelines, travellers returning to the UK from an amber plus country have to quarantine for ten days even if they are double-jabbed.

France could be scratched off the list in days if Beta variant cases continue to drop, according to The Sun.

“The Beta variant, it’s not just — as has been reported — on an island thousands of miles away,” he said.

“It was also an issue in particular in northern France, so it has been an overall concern.

“And, look, the big concern is that we don’t allow a variant in which somehow is able to escape the vaccine programme that we have got.”

Data expert Tim White believes the Government may announce next week the country, which is currently on the amber list, will be added to the amber plus list.

This is due to NHS Test and Trace figures showing 2.9 per cent of people arriving in England from Spain between July 1 and 21 tested positive for coronavirus.

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