Traveling with the delta variant: What steps should you take?

AAA says travelers aren’t slowing down; they’re continuing to book.

If you’re planning on hitting the road or traveling for summer vacation, the rise in cases due to the Delta variant might be a concern. But AAA says travelers aren’t stopping and haven’t since the 4th of July.

“Over the Independence Day holiday weekend, we were looking at the second-highest travel volume on record nationally,” said AAA spokesperson. Kimberly Schwind.

AAA said travelers are continuing to book trips into the fall, despite the delta variant and rise in cases.

“Overall we see very low concern from those who have trips booked,” said Schwind.

Dr. Mark Herbert, an infectious disease specialist at Mount Carmel, said if you’re going on a trip over the next couple weeks, you might want to hold off.

“Trips that are further into the future, a few months, we don’t know yet, so I think it’s reasonable to make plans for later in the year,” said Dr. Herbert.

So what should you do, if you are hitting the road? Dr. Herbert says there are precautions you can take.

“If you’re traveling in public transportation, you should not only wear a mask but you should be regularly cleaning your hands, if you have a choice you might want to use your own personal car and make sure you gas up and be careful whenever you make a break,” he said.

Dr. Herbert also recommends staying away from crowded areas. He said beaches or wooded areas should be relatively safe.

If you would like to see AAA’s interactive map, showing you the restrictions in place across the nation, click here.

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