Travel to and within San Angelo combats passport travel issues

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – With Summer on its way many are ready to get out of their homes to take a trip, especially after Covid-19 kept many stuck inside. Last-minute planners are searching for international destinations, but the wait for a passport could cause issues.

Passport offices are now seeing a backup of passport applications and renewals. The pandemic kept people at home without the need for the documentation out of the country so some of them have expired while others may have never had one. Whether renewing or applying for the first time, there may be a long wait causing conflict for those hoping to travel internationally.

Leita Boatman, San Angelo trip planner, says, “[Asking about passports is] one of the first questions that I ask when they start talking about international travel. Do you have a passport? What is the expiration date? because most places, international destinations, you are required to have an expiration date of six months after your travel dates.”

One way to combat this issue is by traveling locally. Diann Bayes, Vice President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau describes all of the activities and places San Angelo has to offer for domestic travelers, “Right now, especially after covid being a tough year for the travel and tourism industry. We have seen that we believe San Angelo will be very impacted in a positive way with travel just simply because people are taking a lot of road trips, and our riverwalk, we have the ability to have the nature trails and enjoy that along the river at this San Angelo State Park, Lake Nasworthy so a lot of nature activities here.”

Bayes continues, “And that is really what people are looking to do right now is to get out in nature, they’ve all been kind of stuck off in their houses and not able to go anywhere.”

The new air service between San Angelo and Houston also makes domestic travel easier, encouraging residents to travel without the united states and within texas.
If you’re looking to travel out of the country, it’s advised to make an appointment for a passport sooner rather than later, but local getaways may be another option you’ll want to consider.

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