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HIGH COUNTRY — W.A.M.Y. Community is now boarding flights to destinations across the globe. Paris, Italy, Tokyo, New York City and a litany of other luxurious locations can be experienced with the community nonprofit all from the comfort of home through its new “Around the World in One Day” fundraiser.

WAMY’s whimsical “non-event” fundraiser will take place on Tuesday, April 20. Donors who would like to take to the skies with WAMY simply have to purchase a boarding pass from the nonprofit. Donors will then receive a follow-up slideshow of pictures from their trip. The proceeds will be put to good use and go directly to helping low-income families in Watauga, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties.

Like many nonprofit organizations, WAMY had to postpone its largest fundraiser of the year, Brunch and Bubbly, for the second year in a row. Having held “non-events” in the past, the organization quickly booked a creative, new plan. Youth Development Director Emily Neff said Development Director Ashley Cook came up with the idea following a year in which many travelers and flights were grounded.

“In the past, we’ve had non-events, and I think Ashley thought this would be a really creative idea, since people really want to travel and may not able to. This way, people will be able to travel virtually with these photos and their virtual passports,” Neff said.

WAMY Community Action’s goal as an organization is to break the cycle of poverty across the four counties it serves. WAMY currently provides programs and services such as total family development, housing and energy assistance, senior services and youth development. Funds that are raised through the organization’s upcoming fundraiser will be used to continue providing support in these categories, although youth development will be a priority, as WAMY’s youth summer camp program quickly approaches.

“Normally, the money goes to whatever program needs it at the time. With most of our fundraisers, we put it in a general fund and then depending on if a program doesn’t get a grant or if there is a heavy need for extra funding, (then the money is used to fill those needs),” Neff said. “This year the goal is to sponsor children for our summer program.”

WAMY has been offering its summer camp program for the past seven years in which kids from low-income families are provided meals, care and have opportunities to engage in our outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, as well as chances to volunteer at organizations like Horse Helpers of the High Country and F.A.R.M. Cafe.

“Youth development covers our summer program here (in Watauga) and our after school program in Avery County,” Neff said.

In addition to providing a donation, WAMY reminds donors to include their email address so they can receive and view their “travel pictures” at their leisure. To donate, click to or call (828) 264-2421.

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