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The World may soon re-open again for Green Passport Holders | travel news


Israel is working on a green passport. This passport will indicate, the holder was vaccinated against COVID-19, and of course, it may have any color.

The passport will avoid quarantine for the holder and give access to cultural events, restaurants.

The green passport would also enable travelers to fly aboard without having to first get a virus test, as is the current requirement.

The passport would be issued two weeks after the holder received his or her second injection of the vaccine.

There will be some form of similar international vaccination card that may offer advantages to vaccinated Israelis who travel abroad.

The green passport is hoped to provide strong motivation, along with the likelihood that some countries will not allow Israelis to visit unless they can show that they have been immunized against COVID-19, the report said, citing government officials.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the top official overseeing the government’s pandemic response on Sunday said the start of Israel’s vaccination drive would be moved up from its target date of December 27, with Hebrew media reports saying it would begin next Sunday.

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