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The calendar is less than a week away from that special day, Christmas! 

From my family to yours, readers in Our Town and far beyond, special joy to all! Remember, it is Christmas. COVID-19 cannot erase it from our lives!

Because most people on planet Earth have been “hunkered down” for most of 2020, and unable to do any international travel, I thought I would take this pre-holiday installment to discuss one of my favorite subjects; a lifelong passion of mine – TRAVEL! 

Stated again, this subject is certainly part of my core DNA.

My travel partner through 100 countries all over our globe is my bride of almost 40 years, Lady Deborah. She and I have visited every continent except Antarctica, and the “white continent” is on our future visit list.

So, on today’s travel story, I will list my top three countries we have seen over the many years, and the top three we plan to see when COVID-19 is in humanity’s rear view window; a time when world travel avenues open again to potential travelers. My bride and I, hopefully, will be near the front of that future international travel line when it opens.

One of the most frequent travel questions I am asked is, what have been our favorite places we have visited? 

No. 1 Galapagos Islands. This incredible group of islands located about 600 miles west (in the South Pacific Ocean) of their governing country of Ecuador, are a like an outdoor zoo without walls or fences. Most wildlife enjoyed there are unique to the islands; their creatures are not found in the wild anywhere else on earth. Their native wildlife also have almost no fear of humans. This makes the country an animal lover and photographer’s dream.

No. 2 Tahiti Islands. This small group of inhabited islands are also in the massive South Pacific Ocean, but over 4,000 miles west of the Galapagos.

Tahiti secures the second place spot due to the shear beauty, and serenity of the islands. The absolute laid-back life style of the beautiful native people is so appealing to tourists. Too, because this island group is so isolated and expensive to get to/from, there are not large crowds of visitors anywhere there.

No. 3 China. My bride and I visited this memorable country for almost 3 weeks a few years ago. Our trip consisted of half the adventure on a Yangtze Riverboat cruise, and the other half on land excursions. The difference in Chinese society and American society is like night and day. With a population of about 1.5 billion people, China has a massive influential affect on Our World, and my bride and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to experience this unusual place. Our experience there REALLY made us proud to be Americans!

OK, now for our future travel adventures. 

What are the top three places we would like to visit when the official “go” safe-travel button is pushed again?

No. 1 Greenland. Occasional cruise ships visit this ice-filled country during summer trips through the North Atlantic Ocean. My bride and I enjoyed a 10-day trip to Iceland a few years ago. We thought about taking a flight to Greenland during that Iceland visit, but were not able to pull it off. I really want to see how the native people of Greenland live in this remote, huge island country, comprised of glaciers and vast areas of land ice.

No. 2 Southeast Asia. The countries of Singapore, Vietnam. Cambodia, and Thailand are visited by a few cruise lines now; a wonderful way to see land destinations. Because I was in the Army Reserves during the Vietnam Conflict, I would really like to tour this region of the world. America certainly committed a great deal of attention to this area in the late 1960’s-mid 1970’s. 

No. 3 Southern Africa. This visit will probably be on land excursions to national/private game preserves in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and/or Tanzania. My bride and I are true animal lovers, and we would like to see as much African wildlife as possible during several outings with professional native guides. We would also like to see iconic Victoria Falls, and stay in an historic hotel in the immediate area of the falls and river.

There, my travelogue is done! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I thought about the various locations in my mind’s eye.

Robert Breedlove is an Oklahoma State University news-editorial journalism graduate, and a former newspaper (including News Press) reporter. He resides in Stillwater, and has for most of his life. 

He has been a contributing writer to various media over the United States for years. He may be reached at dermrefmd@aol.com.

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