The One Item You Need To Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you kick your partner in the middle of the night so they roll over and stop snoring? Have you ever considered not just separate beds like in the ’50s, but separate rooms to get a good night’s sleep? We all know and love someone who snores, or perhaps we’re the guilty party.

It’s no secret that snorers make poor bedfellows. But, what if we told you that we’ve found a solution? Snore no more with Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band! Read on to find out what causes snoring and how this handy device can help you and your partner finally get a good night’s sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Snoring can be caused by a number of factors, such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, a cold, and your weight. When you doze off and progress from a light sleep to a deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat relax. The tissues in your throat can relax enough that they partially block your airway and vibrate. The more narrowed your airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes. This increases tissue vibration, which causes your snoring to grow louder.”

Back Sleepers Beware

As you may know, snoring is the loudest and most frequent when someone is sleeping on their back. The Mayo Clinic says this is due to gravity’s effect on the throat, which narrows the airway. The NHS recommends sleeping on your side to help stop or reduce snoring. Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band prevents back sleeping to stop snoring before it starts.

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Stop Snoring Before It Starts

Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band is designed specifically for those who snore while sleeping on their backs and cease to snore once turning to one side or stomach. The wearable device vibrates when the snorer is sleeping on their back. This gentle vibration signals for the wearer to switch positions before snoring even starts!

Philips Stop Snoring Band

How It Works

Wear the small sensor at night. Simply hook the adjustable strap around your chest and turn on the device. It gives you 30 minutes to fall asleep in your preferred position before the sensor starts detecting movement. A half-hour after bedtime, the Snoring Relief Band’s positional monitor uses clinically proven technology to detect when the sleeper is moving onto their back. Then the sensor vibrates until the sleeper rolls onto their side.

Vibrations increase over the first week of wear to help you get used to wearing the device. Much more gentle than a kick in the shin, the vibration level is based on the individual’s response rate. How does the senor decide what the optimal vibration level is? A fancy self-learning algorithm!

When you wake up in the morning, check the sensor screen display to see how the night went. It displays the hours you spent in bed as well as how many (if any) were spent on your back. It displays your “response rate,” or the percentage of times you turned to your side after feeling the vibration.

Five Star Reviews

After a month, 86 percent of Snoring Relief Band users reported reduced snoring. In fact, it’s recommended by 94 percent of reviewers! People who have struggled with snoring and tried all sorts of other snoring aids — headbands, chin straps, mouth guards, nose strips — have found success with this snoring solution. But don’t take their word for it — listen to their bed partners! “I finally am getting a full night’s sleep, I do not hear ANY snoring,” reports one happy and well-rested spouse.

Travels Easily

The importance of a good night’s sleep while traveling cannot be overstated. Nobody wants to be on vacation with a grump who didn’t get enough zzz’s. Easy to pack, the Snoring Relief Band won’t take up much space in your suitcase. Hotel roommates and neighbors will sleep soundly!

Not Meant For Sleep Apnea

Designed for position-dependent snorers, Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band is not meant for those who suffer from sleep apnea. The good news is that for the past 40 years, sleepers and sleep experts have provided Philips with data from billions of nights of sleep. This data has helped Philips understand how sleep affects health. Now the company offers solutions to 80 percent of known sleep issues. If you think you may have sleep apnea, have just been diagnosed, or currently use sleep apnea therapy, check out Philips’ sleep apnea solutions here.

Try Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band For A Month

Philips offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s well worth giving this anti-snoring device a shot. Put snoring to rest for good with the SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band!

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