The Most Over-The-Top Luxurious Yachts You Can Charter

I don’t think I’m alone in admitting I’ve been fascinated by ultra-luxury for as long as I can remember. Reality shows are built on this natural enchantment. However, my true favorite form of voyeurism is scouting out the best boats and yachts money can buy. Yachting is the ultimate form of showcasing wealth and enjoying over-the-top service and was formerly something only the ultra-rich experienced.

Now, thanks to GetMyBoat peer-to-peer boat rental service, you too can join the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Check out these swoon-worthy luxury yachts, all available for charter, and definitely worth building an entire trip around.

Van Dutch Yacht Charter Marina Del Ray, CA

VanDutch Luxury Yacht Charter

Newport Beach, California

This 40′ VanDutch yacht defines over-the-top luxury and glam. In fact, it has been featured in the HBO series Entourage and Ballers as well as the James Bond Skyfall movie. It is available for charter for both half- and full-day custom excursions. The booking includes a concierge to work with you in advance to build your ultimate cruise. They do warn, “Be prepared to get photographed everywhere, because this boat turns a lot of heads!”

  • Rate: $525/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 10 people

VanDutch Water Lamborghini Yacht Charter

Miami, Florida

This 55′ Water Lamborghini is available for both half- and full-day charters as well as multi-day term charters. The charter includes a full crew to ensure you feel like billionaires as you cruise around Miami, to the Keys, or even to the Bahamas.

  • Rate: $1,575/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 13 people

Admiral XL Yacht Charter

Marina Del Ray, California

This 125′ mega luxury yacht offers day trips around Marina Del Ray, Santa Monica Bay, Malibu, and even an overnight voyage to Catalina Island. The listing promises an extravagant experience aboard this cruiser, thanks to its experienced and attentive crew.

  • Rate: $2,500/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 12 people

Monte Fino Luxurious Yacht Charter

Seattle And Puget Sound, Washington

This 67′ Monte Fino yacht in the Seattle area is available for weekend day, overnight, and weekly charters. The yachting crew works with you to build your dream vacation cruise, greets you upon arrival with a champagne toast, and offers full catering options. Cruise to the San Juan Islands or through Puget Sound, the choice is yours!

  • Rate: $1,000/hour (3 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 13 people

Leopard Yacht Charter

Miami, Florida

This 76′ Leopard yacht is available for both half- and full-day charters as well as multi-day term charters. The day trips include cruising the coast of Miami to view the stunning oceanfront mansions, swimming and snorkeling breaks, visiting Biscayne Bay, and, if you choose, docking at various restaurants for dinner. The term charters can include all of the above and more; simply send the captain a message and start planning!

  • Rate: $1,150/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 12 people

Azimut Power Mega Yacht Charter

Cancun And Quintana Roo, Mexico

This 100′ enormous luxury yacht is the first international charter available on our list, and the size alone made its inclusion a must. This yacht can hold the most people of any from our list, so save it for your next big celebration. It is available for charter by the day and the price is all-inclusive, except for catering aboard (available for an additional fee). Cruise from Cancun to Isla Mujeres Island, Contoy Island, Cozumel Island, or Holbox Island and enjoy the yacht’s amenities, like the jet ski or kayaks, along the way.

  • Rate: $14,500/day (1 day minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 30 people

Sunreef Yacht Charter

The Bahamas

This 80′ Sunreef yacht is the second international inclusion you just can’t miss. It’s available for an 8-hour day charter or multi-day term charters. It combines ultimate luxury with power and includes a vigilant crew, jet ski, jacuzzi, and various other water activities. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the interior here; it is simply stunning.

  • Rate: $1,425/hour (8 hour minimum)
  • Max Capacity: 13 people

Still want more? Check out the best Ultra Luxury Yacht Charters of 2021 available on now!

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