The Coolest Stargazing Experiences in the US

Attend (or host!) a star party

Leave the cottagecore picnics to the folks on Tiktok and be the first of your friends to host a star party instead. It just takes a few things: a wide, open space as far from nearby cities as possible, with unobstructed views of the sky; some snacks and drinks; a laser pointer for pointing out constellations or planets, and ideally some telescopes, although naked-eye viewing can be just as exciting. Invite people to arrive around sunset, and consider planning around a special celestial occasion like a meteor shower. (You can find a pretty detailed party planning guide here!)

And if you don’t feel ready to host an event yourself, see if there are any upcoming star parties near you; there might already be a local community of stargazers, astronomy clubs, or certified Dark Sky Rangers who can show you the ropes.

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