The best travel podcasts to listen to right now

If you are a fan of “This American Life” or “Serial” without the murder . . . In “Far From Home,” Scott Gurian, a former public radio reporter, roams the earth with his recording equipment, passport and unflappable disposition — he rarely gets rattled, even when his radiator tank springs a leak in Iran. In the first season, Gurian and his brother participate in the Mongol Rally, a nearly 11,000-mile drive from London to Mongolia. In subsequent seasons, he takes smaller brushstrokes, such as foraging with a medicine man in Peru and learning to throat sing in the republic of Tuva. “Far Flung With Saleem Reshamwala,” part of the TED Talks dynasty, turns an investigative eye on a locale and doesn’t blink until the subject matter — the centuries-old Oberammergau play in Germany, for instance, or Easter Island without tourists — is thoroughly dissected. “Passport” fuses radio-style reportage with sweep-you-away storytelling: Neil Innes and André Bartos, filmmakers who live in Barcelona, interview on-location correspondents who share their adventures — and affections — for, say, train travel in India and the filming of “Game of Thrones” in Belfast, with a special appearance by an Irishman who worked as an extra on the HBO show.

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