The Best Places In The World For Nakations

It’s nakation time! Time to step out of your clothes, let the warm breeze waft across your body, and go aaaahhhh as you feel life’s daily stresses begin to ebb. The world is reopening to travelers and nude vacations offer many varied opportunities for those seeking the ultimate in freedom, relaxation, and fun. Whether you’re looking for a get-away-from-it-all peaceful retreat to recharge your batteries or an all-inclusive resort stay where clothing is left in the closet — or something in between — the naturist world has you (un)covered.

Here are some of the best options for your next nakation.

Naturist couple running into the water on beach.
Chris Moore

1. The Best Naturist Resorts For Families And Couples

The list of great naturist resorts for singles, couples, and families is endless, but here are just a few of the very best. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park located less than an hour north of Toronto is a favorite for naturist families and people of all ages. The atmosphere here is one of welcome, acceptance, openness, and freedom — the pillars of naturism if you like — so it’s no surprise to see families with children, teens, and young adults enjoying life here, bringing a joyous, vivacious vibrancy to the place.

In Europe, La Jenny and Euronat on France’s west coast near Bordeaux are two of the largest and most established naturist resorts in the world. Located in large pine forests adjacent to miles of Atlantic beach, you will undress on arrival and not dress until you leave at the end of your nakation. Cycle to the bakery in the morning then stroll to the beach to work on that all-over tan. In the afternoon, hit a few golf balls (La Jenny) and laze in one of the many pools before heading to the on-site supermarket for your fresh grocery shopping. 

In the height of the summer, you will be rubbing shoulders with newborns to fourth-generation grandmas, all seemingly who have forgotten to get dressed. But even though there may be as many as 10,000 people nakationing in these two pockets of paradise, the resorts are so large you never feel you are living on top of each other. Cabins in the pine forests are well spaced out and fully equipped so once you arrive, there is no need to leave. Fly to Bordeaux and take a taxi for the 50-mile trip.

A little further south on Spain’s Andalusian coast lies Vera Playa and its “naturist urbanization.” Think of a small community with two-story buildings, grassy areas and pools, shops, restaurants, and a four-star hotel that fronts a wide sandy clothing-optional beach, and where there is no need to dress. There are no gates or obvious markings that show where this naturist urbanization stops and starts — it just blends into the rest of the local area so you have to take care not to wander too far to avoid drivers politely honking their horns at you. If your idea of a nakation is staying in a Holiday Inn-style hotel where you can (generally) be nude and wander to the beach all without dressing, this is the place for you.

In the United States, Mountain Air Ranch (MAR), just south of Denver, is another exceptional club for families. Located in 150 acres of beautiful, raw Colorado landscape, MAR offers a great escape from today’s hectic pace. A sense of freedom just blows through the wide open spaces of this mountain retreat that has been a draw for families for more than 80 years. There is a clubhouse for teens and a play area for the younger kids as well as all the usual amenities (clubhouse, pool, volleyball, etc.) you would expect from a well-established and popular resort.

2. Got an RV? Pull In Here

On long road trips, why not break the trip with overnight stops at naturist resorts? There are so many naturist resorts waiting to welcome you that with some good planning, you can be clothes free every night. Degrees of comfort vary — some offer full hookups and dump stations, others not much more than a space to pull into and share a communal bathhouse. A couple of favorites are Turtle Lake Resort and Sunshower Country Club in the U.S. Midwest, Whitetail resort in Virginia, and Whispering Pines Nudist Resort in North Carolina. These are great places to relax, skinny-dip in the pool, make new friends and unwind for a couple of days before heading off on the next leg of your road trip.

3. Sleeping Without A Stitch Under Canvas

There’s only one way to spend the night in a tent when it’s hot outside — naked. There are numerous naturist resorts in North America and Europe where you can pitch your tent and enjoy the amenities without the hassle of having to get dressed every time you step out of your tent. Apart from some higher-end resorts, almost all naturist sites have places to pitch tents — it’s simple, it’s quick and it’s cheap. The best part, you won’t get sweaty erecting your tent because you will have already stripped. Many resorts have a lake or river so just be careful where you pitch — mosquitos don’t care where they feast — even if you do.

4. Clothed Sightseeing, Naked Relaxation

For those seeking to combine textile sightseeing as well as naked freedom, choose to stay at a naturist resort close to the sights or make use of clothing-optional activities in an otherwise textile world. Visiting Mickey at Disneyworld in Florida? Check into Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, one of Florida’s premier naturist resorts and just a 30-minute drive from the Magic Kingdom. The Cove is a well-established high-end resort with modern pools, hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, spa, exercise room, and recreational facilities as well as its own lake. Beware the alligator if you decide to swim.

California’s Glen Eden Sun Club is less than 40 miles from the other Disney — Disneyland Park in California, 60 miles to Los Angeles, and 85 miles to San Diego, making this a perfect base for California dreamin’.

5. The Ultimate In Relaxation

For the ultimate in relaxation, head to Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This five star all-inclusive resort is adults only. With swim up bars, rooms you can swim to, moonlight dinners on the beach, and massages on the sand, it’s a couples’ retreat par excellence. This is high-end nakationing and if you’re concerned the “Adults Only” tag may suggest a different lifestyle, it may elsewhere … at Hidden Beach, it does not.

Naturist hiking.
Chris Moore

6. Wear Nothing But Hiking Boots

If hiking is your thing, then why not join like-minded folks and step out on a clothes-free hike? The Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) has organized naked hiking tours for more than 15 years, and these dedicated hikers march across the Alps wearing nothing but hiking boots and a smile. They do carry a backpack for their clothes of course, in case of changing weather conditions and for those places where it isn’t appropriate to be nude. 

In North America, you can sometimes find resort members organizing their own informal hikes in local remote areas. Folks at Mira Vista Resort in Arizona have been known to go for group hikes in Redington Pass. Some resorts are large enough and in great locations that allow you to hike naked up steep hills affording great views within their own boundaries — Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado has 10 miles of hiking trails. Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado is a must for anyone who enjoys hiking to hot springs — especially in the raw.

Couples naturism cruise.
Chris Moore

7. Sail Away In Your Altogether

For those who prefer to spend most of their vacation on water, hop on a nude cruise. Bare Necessities offer Big Nude Boat cruises where you can join thousands of fellow nudists aboard a modern oceangoing cruise liner. While it’s appropriate to dress in the restaurants, the rest of the time you can enjoy life onboard in the altogether, though you will need to dress when in port. For a more intimate and slower sailing adventure, snag a cabin aboard the largest clipper sailing ship in the world, the 220 passenger Royal Clipper, which Bare Necessities regularly charters for nude sailings around the Mediterranean. If you prefer to go even smaller, there are some nude sailing charter companies that offer crewed sailings for up to eight or so guests who can enjoy the trip sans clothes.

8. Snag A Nude Weekend Getaway

If getting away for a three-week nakation in the sun is not possible this year, how about a long weekend in a nude Bed & Breakfast? There are a number available through www.NaturistBnB from Michigan to Key West. Nuance B&B near Battle Creek is a wonderful, cozy out-of-the-way place to try your first nakation. With acres of grounds to explore, you can wander outdoors or simply enjoy the small movie theater, play pool, or simply relax with a drink at the bar … all in the comfort of your skin.

Wherever your nakation takes you, one thing is for sure — you’ll be back for more.

Nude vacations offer the ultimate in freedom, relaxation, and fun. For more:

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