The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks, According To An RD

The summer heat can melt even the sturdiest of snacks, so I recommend bringing a small, soft-sided cooler to keep water bottles icy cold, your grapes refreshing, and those pouches nice and cool. My family has been bringing Yeti’s hopper flip, which comes in three different sizes, on the road with us. It’s perfect for sitting on the floor of your minivan or SUV, without banging around when you take a tight corner. It has a wide-mouthed opening, so your kids can see into it and even help themselves when they get peckish. Plus, it will keep your cold stuff reliably chilled for hours. 

Another easy-to-carry option is an insulated backpack cooler, which is smart if you plan to do any sightseeing on the way to your destination. The Igloo Star Wars R2D2 daypack backpack is roomy enough for a day’s worth of snacks, plus it holds two refillable water bottles in the side pockets. The force will definitely be with you, even if you’ve got tons of miles to go. 

Another tip: In addition to bottles of hand sanitizer, you’ll probably want to throw in a few packs of sanitizing wipes for sticky hands. I also always keep a roll of paper towels in the trunk, plus extra shirts for everyone—because you never know what’s going to happen on the open road. Safe and happy travels!

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