‘Billions’ Season 6 Release Date: Everything We Know About the Next Season

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After over a year away following a pandemic-induced production shutdown, Billions is back. The endlessly entertaining battle between hedge fund boss Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) and Attorney General Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) carries on, with all the scheming and double-crossing you’ve come to expect from the show. With the final episodes of the bifurcated Season 5 currently airing on Showtime, it’s reasonable to get a little greedy and ask the all-important question: When will there be a Season 6?

Predicting the TV schedule in the age of COVID can be as challenging as picking the right stock to bet on, but we have quality intel that will hopefully help you sleep a little easier at night knowing that your portfolio of premium cable dramas is safe and secure. Below, find out everything we know about the sixth season of Billions.

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Will there be a Billions Season 6?

Yes. Billions was renewed for a sixth season back in October of 2020, a few months after the production of the fifth season was shut down in New York. As noted in the Deadline article announcing the renewal, the goal was always to film the five remaining episodes of Season 5 before moving onto Season 6, and that’s just what Showtime and the show’s creators ended up doing.

Is Billions Season 6 in production?

Yes. After filming the last episodes of Season 5, the Billions crew carried on with their sixth season. During a Television Critics Association panel this past August, Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine explained that the crew simply shot the last episodes of Season 5 and all of Season 6 together. “We felt guilty for the audience to have to wait as long as they did to see the rest of Season 5 so we and the rest of the producers just put our heads down and said just plow ahead,” he said.

On September 19, co-creator Brian Koppelman tweeted that they were “more than halfway through filming Season 6.” If you’re looking for more real-time updates on the production and behind the scenes info about the making of the show, follow Koppelman along with cast members Kelly AuCoin (Dollar Bill) and Daniel K. Isaac (Ben Kim) on Twitter.

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When will Billions Season 6 premiere?

There’s no specific premiere date for Billions Season 6 yet, but we know that the Season 5 finale will air on October 3, 2021. In a recent tweet, co-creator Brian Koppleman said that Season 6 will arrive in “early 2022.” In past years, Billions has premiered in February or March, so those look like months when the show could potentially return. Or it could return even earlier! 

Is there a trailer for Billions Season 6? 

Nope, no trailer yet. Don’t expect one until Season 5 is at least over and done. 

How many episodes will there be in Billions Season 6?

Every previous season of Billions has consisted of 12 episodes, so it feels safe to assume that Season 6 will carry on that tradition.

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Which cast members are returning?

Unless there are some major twists coming in the final episodes of Season 5, expect to see more from Chuck, Axe, Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff), Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon), Mike “Wags” Wagner (David Costabile), and Kate Sacker (Condola Rashād) as the storylines spill over into Season 6. Corey Stoll, who plays the Axe enemy Mike Prince, has also been upgraded to a series regular for Season 6, so he’s not going anywhere. Janeane Garafalo will guest star in Season 5 as “Winslow, the hip owner of a legal cannabis corp,” so there’s a possibility her plot could extend into Season 6, too.

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What will Billions Season 6 be about?

Now that we’ve seen some of the post-pandemic Season 5 episodes, it’s easier to get a sense of where Billions might be going in its sixth season. For one thing, we now know how the series will be acknowledging the pandemic within the reality of the show.

Episode 10 of Season 5 “Liberty,” written by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Emily Hornsby, featured Axe quarantining in his apartment because he caught COVID from the pilot of his plane and the employees of Axe Cap all received the vaccine and were told they no longer needed to wear masks at the office. If you think about the exact timeline of how the pandemic happened in relation to the ongoing events of the plot, you will give yourself a massive headache. It’s probably best to just go with the flow, which is what Billions seems to be doing.

Perhaps more significantly within the context of the show, the relationship between Wendy and Axe appears to be moving in a romantic direction. This is something that the show hinted at way back in the first season, establishing the intense personal and professional connection between the two, but it’s been developed very slowly and carefully over the years. Will the two finally get together? What ripple effects will that have on the fragile psyches of the other characters? Or is it all part of some Billions-y scheme based in deception and secrecy? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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IAATO Is Preparing for Start of Antarctic Travel Season – Cruise Industry News


The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) said that it’s preparing for the start of the Antarctic travel season following “months of discussion and collaboration with Antarctic gateways.”

The organization, which turned 30 this year, held a meeting with members on Sept. 16 to discuss operations for the season ahead following recently released COVID-19 parameters for travel from Antarctic Gateways Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas).

“The past year-and-a-half has been challenging as we’ve learned more about COVID-19, and we and our members have constantly been re-evaluating the feasibility of a season. This has required a great deal of flexibility and agile working on behalf of our members and conversations are continuing as the season draws closer,” said IAATO’s Executive Director, Gina Greer.

The association, which has more than 100 members worldwide, said that it has been working hard over the last 16 months to deliver recommendations regarding COVID-19 protocols when Antarctic operations resume in late 2021. It said that much of this work has involved close collaboration with Antarctic gateway countries.

Some members have taken the difficult decision not to operate for the 2021-2022 season, but for the majority, preparations are continuing, IAATO said.

IAATO explained that one of its strengths is “the willingness of the membership to set competitive interests aside to come together to act for Antarctica by sharing best practice for safe and responsible operations.”

“This approach resulted in the formation of IAATO’s COVID-19 Advisory Group (CAG) in June 2020,” IAATO wrote. “The CAG has leveraged the strength, skills, and experience of IAATO’s existing committees and working groups, as well as the expertise of the secretariat, stakeholders, and worldwide industry standards to lead the organization through the challenges and complexities of the pandemic.”

IAATO wrote that as the traditional start of the Antarctic season draws closer, the CAG has continued to closely monitor global developments as restrictions on travel begin to ease, communicating with Antarctic Gateway countries and other polar stakeholders as governments release their policies and protocols, sharing regular updates with the wider membership.

“Over the last two months, gateway governments released initial guidance. Operators have raised questions about the feasibility of some requirements given the diverse nature of the IAATO membership, which ranges from yachts carrying no more than 12 people to large cruise vessels,” the association explained.

Greer said that IAATO’s work with the Antarctic Gateway authorities is a “critical part” of pre-season preparations.

“(I)t is important to IAATO and its members that the diversity of the IAATO membership is reflected within gateways’ COVID-19 protocols so that they can be applied to all responsible tourism providers … It’s been encouraging to see the recent guidance from Argentina and Chile relating to Antarctic tourism, but the reality is that it will be challenging for some operators to implement. There are still a lot of questions and we’re working through them with the Gateway authorities,” she shared.

IAATO said that its usual pre-season preparations continue. IAATO operators must operate under a permit or authorization from an Antarctic Treaty Party or relevant government, submitting their Advance Notification and Environmental Impact Assessment to IAATO ahead of the Antarctic season.

“While the impact of the pandemic has created challenges for the association and its members, IAATO’s mission of advocating and promoting the practice of safe and environmentally responsible Antarctic tourism endures. IAATO Committee and Working Group efforts throughout the last year have supported the organization in honing its policies and strategies to protect Antarctica while enabling Antarctic travelers to have a safe, enriching, educational experience,” the association wrote.

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Giants’ top takeaways, key considerations heading into final two weeks of stunning season

With the Giants’ stunning season down to the final two weeks, here are some takeaways and story lines to consider following their penultimate homestand and in advance of their final regular-season trip of 2021:

The fun factor: These guys are having a ball. It’s not just a business, after all. Kevin Gausman turned into a 12-year-old boy when he hit a medium-deep fly to right field Friday night, good for an 11th-inning, walk-off sacrifice fly.

The pitcher’s joyful exuberance radiated into the night as the Giants celebrated an unlikely victory, one of the most memorable in 2021. It wasn’t atypical. Fun stems from winning but also the confidence of believing in winning.

“I think laughter and having fun playing this game in a pennant race is an indication of confidence,” said manager Gabe Kapler, citing Brandon Belt recently wearing a electrical-taped C on his jersey as the self-proclaimed team captain.

“That sort of playfulness and taking the game lightly and not getting too wound up is an indication the players are confident. It’s very hard to be smiling, laughing and enjoying yourself if you’re lacking confidence.”

The MVP: The deeper into the season, the louder and more pronounced the chants. “MVP … MVP … MVP.” No player is more responsible for the Giants’ success than Brandon Crawford, who deserves a place on all voters’ 10-man MVP ballot.

“I think they’re inspiring and encouraging,” Kapler said of the chants. “I have no doubt Craw appreciates them, hears them and uses them as motivation and fuel.”

At 34, the shortstop is at the top of his game both at the plate and at shortstop, where he used to make an incredible play once a series, and now it’s once a day. Like Friday, when he dived into the hole and threw a laser to first base, earning a tip of the helmet from Austin Riley, who hit the ball. Sometimes twice a day. Like Saturday, when he twice ranged deep in the hole to register outs.

Plus, the man brought a .900 OPS on the season into Sunday’s game, especially remarkable for someone who never had an .800 OPS season in his previous 10 years in the majors. His single on a 3-0 pitch Saturday set up Curt Casali’s game-deciding, two-run single.

The schedule: The Giants have 12 games left, half on the road and half at home. Kapler said, “Between now and the rest of the season is sort of a mini-lifetime.”

Fortunately for the Giants, they needn’t travel too far east. The final trip starts Tuesday in San Diego, home of the tailing-off Padres, and finishes in Colorado, home of the also-ran Rockies.

The focus is avoiding letdowns, maintaining a distance in front of the second-place Dodgers and considering every foe a legitimate challenge. And never mind the strength of schedule. Or lack thereof.

“The Rockies have played good baseball recently and have all season long played very tough at home,” Kapler said, “and the Padres are as tough as any group in baseball. They have a nasty bullpen. We don’t have to touch on how good the middle of their lineup is. Everybody knows it.”

The new guy: Kris Bryant, the Giants’ prized trade-deadline acquisition, has been consistent on offense (reaching base 18 straight games) and is as versatile as advertised. He started in center field Friday, at third base Saturday and in right field Sunday.

Recently, he has taken grounders at second base, where there’s already plenty of depth with Tommy La Stella, Donovan Solano and Wilmer Flores. Bryant playing there would be more of an emergency situation.

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Harvest season is here; motorists remain alert for slow-moving farm equipment – WBIW

Harvest season is here; motorists remain alert for slow-moving farm equipment – WBIW

Local Weather Alerts

There are currently no active weather alerts.

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What Will Be the Busiest Travel Days This Holiday Season?

With over half of Americans now fully vaccinated, 2021’s travel trends for the holiday season are already looking like an improvement over the rather dismal end-of-year scenario seen in 2020.

Sure, the Delta variant’s spread has thrown a monkey wrench into the travel sector’s initial rebound this summer, but it’s still clear that people are feeling safer getting on planes and more confident about traveling, at least domestically, now that U.S. states have all dropped their border restrictions.


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In fact, according to vacation rental site Evolve’s recent survey, 32 percent of travelers aren’t even taking the Delta variant into account when making their travel plans. And, among those who are, 46.5 percent said they wouldn’t cancel their plans because of it “until much closer to the trip dates”. It seems that American travelers are adapting to pandemic-related uncertainties and are increasingly ready to roll with the punches in terms of making trip adjustments.

Along with online trip search data, this shift in consumer sentiment has prompted forecasters to predict that the picture of this year’s holiday travel period will look significantly different than it did in 2020. Not only in terms of passenger volumes, but also in people’s approaches to trip planning, as many folks continue to work remotely and are taking advantage of the flexibility that it affords.

“We’re already seeing significant momentum around international and domestic flight searches when compared to 2020, up 155 percent and 212 percent, respectively,” Matt Clarke, Vice President of Marketing at travel metasearch site Kayak told Travel + Leisure. “When compared to 2019, however, both international and domestic flight searches are down, 52 percent and 43 percent, respectively.”

Busiest Travel Days for Thanksgiving

The busiest travel days surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday didn’t change between 2019 and 2020, largely because Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. According to Priceline data, the most popular departure day was the preceding Wednesday in both 2019 and 2020, with most travelers heading home on the Sunday that closes out the holiday weekend.

But, based on data reported September 9, this year promises to be different. Priceline’s forecast suggests that the busiest day of the Thanksgiving travel period will be Monday, November 15, with Wednesday, November 24, coming in second. This shift is being attributed to the assumption that many Americans have acclimated to remote working arrangements and embraced the idea of working from anywhere, freeing them up to extend the duration of their trips.

Busy airport
A busy airport. (photo via ronniechua / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus)

Busiest Travel Days for Christmas

Since Christmas doesn’t always fall on the same day of the week, the most popular travel days can fluctuate from one year to the next. But, typically, December 23 is the busiest travel day leading up to the holiday itself, while the Sunday afterward is usually the most popular day for return travel.

Kayak’s data showed that this trend held true in 2020, despite the irregular circumstances surrounding COVID-19, but that this year’s busiest days may be slightly different this year. Based on the site’s September 9 data, the busiest travel day preceding the holiday is Wednesday, December 22, while the most popular post-Christmas Day travel day looks to be Wednesday, December 28. Again, the shift is being attributed to the increased flexibility afforded by remote-working arrangements.

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Travel Brands Offering Incentives, Discounts for 2021 NFL Season

The National Football League (NFL) season kicks off on Thursday, but companies within the travel industry have already started celebrating the 2021 campaign with offers, discounts and incentives.

American Airlines announced that passengers on any of the carrier’s domestic narrowbody aircraft would have free access to live sports and news networks, starting on September 9. Members of the AAdvantage loyalty program can also earn extra miles on sports merchandise purchases, game tickets and costs associated with traveling for gameday.


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Travel technology, man with airplane and laptop

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air is offering a first-of-its-kind travel package featuring air, hotel and football tickets to a Raiders home game at Allegiant Stadium. In addition, the carrier revealed a custom silver and black airplane livery adorned with the Raiders logo.

Alaska Airlines said any passengers wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey featuring Russell Wilson or a limited-edition Wilson shirt would receive early boarding priority on all flights from Seattle and Everett. The promotion is scheduled to last for the duration of the NFL season.

Earlier this month, United Airlines announced it would add 16 new direct flights for four of the most highly anticipated games of the early season, including Green Bay and New Orleans; Green Bay at San Francisco; Tampa and Boston; and Buffalo and Kansas City.

Courtyard by Marriott is celebrating the return of travel and live football games this fall with the launch of its Courtyard Super Bowl Sleepover Contest. Fans of the NFL can enter for a chance to spend a night at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on the eve of the Super Bowl LVI by sharing how football fuels their passion for travel.

MGM Resorts is taking full advantage of the second season of the Las Vegas Raiders by introducing a new feature, the Bud Light Beer Garden, an immersive, only-in-Vegas tailgate experience along The Strip.

For travelers looking to decide which city is worth visiting during the NFL season, TravelPulse’s Patrick Clarke broke down the top tailgating destinations in every state.

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Scarlet Lady sails for New York following Portsmouth season | News

Portsmouth waved goodbye to Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady in spectacular fashion, lighting the Spinnaker Tower red as she headed across the Atlantic to New York.

The ship has spent three months in the city, winning the hearts of local residents who enjoyed the familiar sight of the newest kid on the cruise block sailing in and out of the harbour.

Over 8,000 passengers enjoyed the Summer Soiree Series, which saw Virgin Voyages launch their world’s first commercial sailing from Portsmouth.

A pop-up terminal was created to host passengers, known in Virgin parlance as ‘sailors’, keeping strict Covid-19 health protocols in place after the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cruise restrictions in America curtailed plans for stateside launch, sailors instead enjoyed a season sailing in domestic UK waters.

Mike Sellers, Portsmouth International Port director, said: “Seeing Scarlet Lady in the port has been the result of years of hard work, from securing investment to extend our cruise berth to accommodate larger ships, to building confidence with the Virgin Voyages’ team that we could look after their world first sailing.

“Everyone at the port stepped up, during the most challenging time, to make sure this was a success and I’m so proud of their hard work and professionalism.

“It has also been impressive to see the Virgin team in operation too, some spending months in the city to make sure everything went smoothly, becoming very fond of Portsmouth in the process.

“We want to become the port of choice for luxury, boutique cruises, and with plans for a terminal extension underway we’re on our way there.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Virgin’s new build Valiant Lady in the city next year, and welcoming back the team. In the meantime, the hard work continues as we continue to build our position as a major player in the cruise industry.”

More Information

Breaking Travel News interview earlier spoke to Tom McAlpin, chief executive of Virgin Voyages, about the troubled birth of the line, and its bright future.

Take a look at what he had to say here.

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Prairie Home Junior High basketball teams prepare to tip off new season

Prairie Home High School students went back to school last Wednesday, and sports and activities will soon be back in session. At Prairie Home Junior High, the Panthers and Lady Panthers basketball teams are about to begin a brand new season that many hope will be a season of cheers and success.

The head coach of both the boys and girls basketball teams at PHJH is sixth grade teacher Kelsey Schrader. Schrader is a new face for junior high basketball at Prairie Home, as this is her first season coaching the Panthers.

Schrader said both of her teams have had a long but productive offseason that could make a big difference throughout the season.

“We’ve had a very productive offseason. We’ve taken part in a few summer camps, we’ve also had several open gyms and weightlifting sessions,” Schrader said. “We’ve spent most of our time in the gym working on a lot of defensive work and learning a couple of new plays over the summer.”

Schrader said that both her boys and girls teams are very strong and they both come with many strengths to their game.

“Our boys team has many strengths to their game, which include ball handling skills, height, strength, athleticism, good communication with each other, seeing each other on the court, speed, respect for each other and me, and rebounding,” Schrader said. “On the other hand, I have a strong girls team this year. It’s very unique because I have eight eighth grade girls and one seventh grade girl. They’re fun to coach because they have a willingness to learn, athleticism, good communication with each other, strong post players, respect for each other and me, and they’re very good at

Of course, it won’t be an easy season for the Panthers and Lady Panthers. Both teams will once again have to follow COVID-19 and safety protocols throughout the season, as no game is promised. Aside from health and safety protocols, the Prairie Home teams will have the task of adjusting to the playing style and formats of a new head coach.

But a couple of standout players that have caught Schrader’s attention during the summer are set to help the Panthers get on their feet and hit the hardwood running this fall.

“On our boys team, our standout players are Carter Pethan and Cooper Brown. Carter is very athletic, a hard worker, has great leadership skills, and he’s a strong offensive and defensive player. Cooper is also very athletic, a hard worker, a strong offensive and defensive player, and he works well under pressure,” Schrader said. “For our girl’s team, it’s Jordan Alpers and Ava Marcum. Jordan is a strong offensive and defensive player, a hard worker, has great leadership skills, reads the court well, and communicates to her team effectively, while Ava is a strong post player, (and) has a lot of potential to make a lot of points down low and get a lot of rebounds.”

Prairie Home Junior High boys and girls basketball will soon be back in action, and they’re raring to go. Their season tips off Sept. 21 when they travel to Westphalia for a double-header against the Fatima Junior High Comets.

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Likely venue change for Packers vs. Saints season opener, fan travel plans in limbo

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Hurricane Ida’s destruction in Louisiana could push the Saints away from hosting a game in New Orleans for at least a month. Packers fans with plans to visit the hosting city, are now left in limbo.

United Airlines offers fans non-stop flights for away games from the Green Bay Airport. Now with the venue up in the air, the airline is waiting for a final venue decision before making any adjustments to flight schedules.

Action 2 News talked to a spokesperson for the airline. We learned ticket holders will only receive a full refund if the flight is cancelled due to a change in venue. However, if fans choose to request a refund before the airline makes an update, they will only receive credit to be used for another flight.

The airline will look into offering a direct flight if there’s a new location selected, but only if a non-stop flight is possible.

Refund requests can be made on their website under the “My Trips” tab.

A local ticket broker, Ticket King, will also offer refunds if the game is moved. Ticket holders could also have the option to go to another away game if tickets are available.

Copyright 2021 WBAY. All rights reserved.

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How to travel safely in the West during wildfire season

Get the most current data. Before embarking, investigate the weather forecast, wildfire status, air quality, and any closures in and around your destination. The National Interagency Fire Center (nifc.gov) has maps and up-to-date information on wildfires. Find weather alerts and air-quality information on the National Weather Service website (weather.gov). For more localized information, check helpful websites run by state tourism offices, specific public lands agencies and, often, local gear shops. For instance, Teton Mountaineering’s “Local Resources” section for Jackson Hole in Wyoming links to mountain weather forecasts, Teton County Search and Rescue and Grand Teton National Park (tetonmtn.com). Calling public lands’ visitor centers or local tourism offices can also yield valuable information; national park officials, for example, closely monitor the weather and hone their visitor outreach accordingly. Knowing what you’re apt to encounter will help you decide what to pack (extra water bottles, sunscreen and sun hats, for example) and how ambitious to be with your hiking, biking or climbing plans.

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