Mega Avs Notebook: Martin Kaut called up

Getting to this meaty notebook a bit late, as Mrs. Dater is out of town and my hair has been on fire trying to be Chef Gordon Ramsey and Mr. Goodwrech around here. So, the Avs returned to practice today, and here are all the tidbits:

  • Martin Kaut called up to the Avs from the Colorado Eagles. He’s on the trip and may play starting tomorrow night in the city of the Gateway Arch.
  • That’s, St. Louis.
  • Jared Bednar said he’s gotten a lot of good feedback on “Kauter” from the Eagles, and deserved the callup.
  • I’m gonna go ahead and bet Kauter is in the lineup for this game, especially with Mikko Rantanen out.
  • The good news on Rants: he didn’t actually test positive for Covid. He was likely just exposed to someone who had it.
  • But, if all goes well, Bednar said, Rantanen could return toward the end of this trip.
  • Avs had their schedule rejiggered by the NHL today, and basically the next four games are these, barring something else that messes it up: At St. Louis tomorrow, Sat. and Mon. Then, at Vegas on Wednesday.
  • That game between Avs and Blues on Monday was supposed to have been an Avs game in Vegas,  but that game has been postponed to May 10.
  • I’ll be in Vegas for the game Wednesday. I was going to cover the game Monday there too, but I guess I’ll have to pass the time studying my Bible that night instead. I’m also slated to cover the games in San Jose early next month. Thanks for your Tip Jar donations that help make these things easier. You wanna chip in too? I won’t stop you. I’ll be game-planning travel for the playoffs soon too.
  • Bednar strongly indicated that Devan Dubnyk will start tomorrow.
  • Bednar said that Philipp Grubauer may still be out of action another 10-14 days. I thought he could come off the Covid list sooner, and may he will, but that’s the time frame the coach said.
  • Bednar said Patrik Nemeth will play tomorrow.
  • Nemeth said he’s “really excited” to be back with the team, and that because the Avs still have their core group of guys around from when he last played here, he thinks it’ll make for a lot easier transition.
  • Bednar said he hopes “George Floyd and his family can now find some peace” after yesterday’s guilty verdict.
  • Bednar said Bo Byram is working out, but hasn’t skated with the team yet. He isn’t going on this long road trip either.
  • Looking at Nemeth on the Zoom call, he looked like he had noticeably less body fat than when he was last here. Looks like he’s in damn good shape, far as I could tell.
  • Bednar said the condition of the ice at Ball Arena for practice today was not good. He seemed to indicate it might have been partially responsible for a less-than-impressive practice.
  • Bednar, when asked if he was bothered that his team was now in second place, largely because his team hasn’t been able to play any games lately and Vegas has, said:
The Masters
  • Bednar said he hasn’t fully decided on his 18 skaters for tomorrow.
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Business Editor’s Notebook — Powering past the pandemic: Travel is on the rebound | Business Notebook

AS MORE PEOPLE get vaccinated from COVID-19, the travel industry is poised for a rebound. Consumers who have been hoarding cash for a year are tired of takeout and remodeling.

Families scattered around the country are itching to hold each other again.

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Mike Cote is senior editor for news and business. Contact him at or (603) 206-7724.

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Avs Off-day Notebook – and why I had to call 911 today

LOS ANGELES – I’ve had better starts to days than the one today, Day 5 of a seven-day Avs road trip. Out of a sound sleep at about 8:15 a.m. in my hotel here, an inexpensive hotel where the doors open to the outside, a knock at the door. I wake up quickly over things like that, so pretty fast I said loudly “Hello?” No answer.

I get up to look through the peephole and see three people standing there. They look young, with coats on, masks on. Of course, everybody wears masks now today so…

I say “Hello?” again. No answer. I’m already thinking the worst now. Then, a loud knock on the door with what was some kind of hard, blunt instrument. Was it a baseball bat? A billy club? Some brass knuckles? Guess I’ll never know. By that point, I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. As I’m talking to the 911 operator, I still see the three people outside. Looked like two guys and one female. They seemed young, but that’s about the best I could tell. The guy standing closest to the door started talking on a phone of his own.

A few seconds later – maybe 20-30 – they were gone. About 10 minutes later, cops were at my door, looking around for the people I described. That’s the last I know/knew of anything. I checked out, and went for a drive for a couple hours, to the downtown LA area, and around Sunset Boulevard.

Hey, when I thanked all of you who contributed to the Avs Travel Tip Jar for this trip, I meant it. I promised to stay in low-cost digs, not to waste money needlessly. But, yeah, one pledge moving forward: No more hotels where the door opens to the outside, where anyone at all can stand right outside it and beat on it with hard objects and not answer you when you call out to them. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous for a few seconds there.

The drive around LA was fun though. I even checked something off my bucket list in that time, stopping to snap a couple pictures of the Brady Bunch House, which was completely renovated by the HGTV channel last year to exactly match the house from the TV show – of which I was/am a major fan.

OK, on to some Avs off-day notes:

  • I expect Philipp Grubauer to start Sunday’s game against the Ducks, though that isn’t official. The team had the day off from all hockey activities, so not much information from team headquarters about anything. Jared Bednar has now had his hand forced a bit with the injury to Pavel Francouz. He probably would have played Francouz in two of the Avs’ six games by now, but he’s not available tomorrow and going with Hunter Miska probably just isn’t in the cards. Everything is magnified in this shortened season. Every win and loss counts nearly one-third more than it would have in an 82-game season. Coming home 3-3-0 isn’t going to look and feel so good to Bednar, if he loses a game with the inexperienced Miska in net again. I have no doubt that Grubauer doesn’t mind the extra work. I mean, it’s not like he and any other hockey player have been overworked in these last 10 months.
  • We’ll see if Andre Burakovsky can play tomorrow, but it doesn’t sound like it. The Avs almost always want players to have a full practice before they get back into the lineup, and there was no practice Saturday.
  • If Bo Byram keeps playing like he did Friday night, someone who has been used to being in the top six for the past year or so is going to have to sit. Could that be Ryan Graves? I don’t know. But I do know that Graves is off to a slow start, and the Avs have already traded one veteran to help make room for Byram.
  • Anaheim has won its last six games following an overtime game. Something for you bettors to keep in mind.
  • It was reported elsewhere that the Avs kicked the tires with Columbus on what they might have wanted for Pierre Luc-Dubois, who was traded Saturday in a deal that sent Patrik Laine to the Blue Jackets. But if the Avs did at all, I believe it was a very brief conversation. The Avs fully expect Alex Newhook to at least contend for a second-line center spot starting next season.
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Grizzly notebook: DSU’s Selvig excited to be back in Missoula, UM to face off against Washington | Grizzlies

The Orediggers improved greatly under head coach Adam Hiatt and Selvig, who were together in Butte for five seasons. Eventually, though, the DSU job opened up and Selvig saw a great opportunity to advance his coaching career.

The early returns have been solid for Selvig, who has coached the Blue Hawks to a 3-4 record early in the season. Following the game against Montana, DSU will travel to Carroll to play the Saints the following day.

“It’s just a really strange year,” Selvig said. “We’re asking so much from these guys, these players both mentally and physically. We’ve had guys sit out for two weeks before coming to practice. We had a stretch where we didn’t play a game for a couple weeks and we’re just trying to ramp back up and play a game.

“At the end of the day, it’s just about getting these guys experience. They all way to play.”

The Maroon and Silver run deep in the Selvig clan, as Derek’s uncle, Robin Selvig, coached the UM women’s basketball team for decades. Selvig’s parents, Doug and Anita (Novak), both played basketball for the Grizzlies, as did his cousin, Jordan Sullivan and aunt, Sandy (Selvig). Derek’s sister, Carly, also played for the Lady Griz.

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