Coronavirus live updates: US pledges $100 million to attract medical workers amid pandemic burnout – The Washington Post

Coronavirus live updates: US pledges $100 million to attract medical workers amid pandemic burnout  The Washington Post

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Distance to emergency, urgent medical care shows a ‘health care need’

STOCKBRIDGE – Imagine this: You’re at home, your temperature spikes and you feel awful.

You know you should see a doctor, but the nearest urgent care or emergency room is more than 20 miles away. That’s only made worse if it’s raining or snowing and you need to navigate country roads.

For rural residents, the options are making that drive to an emergency department or calling an ambulance.

For Deborah Smith, a pastor at First Presbyterian Church Stockbridge, that’s a challenge many of her parishioners and members of her community face when it comes to seeking emergency care.

Without access to medical care closer to home, people wind up eschewing emergency or preventative care and just get sick or die, Smith said.

“I think there’s a health care need,” she said.

Despite the growth in Lansing’s medical infrastructure, residents living in Greater Lansing’s rural community face long distances and travel times to access emergency care. In Ingham County’s southeast corner, Stockbridge residents must travel an average of at least 35 miles or 39 minutes to reach an emergency room and more than 20 miles or 25 minutes for an urgent care center, according to a State Journal analysis.

Virginia Rezmierski, a retired University of Michigan professor and community volunteer, said rural areas are like an “orphan” when it comes to medical services yet Stockbridge and the surrounding townships are home to thousands of people.

“(Services) don’t extend to the rural tip,” she said.

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Here’s how far and how long it could take to reach emergency departments from Ingham County’s rural southeast corner:

  • Dansville: An average of 28 minutes or 22 miles from a hospital emergency room. Roughly 10 minutes or 7 miles from the nearest urgent care.
  • Leslie: An average of 25 minutes or 24 miles for a hospital emergency room. Roughly 12 minutes or 9 miles from the nearest urgent care center.
  • Webberville: An average of 25 minutes or 22 miles from a hospital emergency room. Roughly 19 minutes or 13 miles from the nearest urgent care.
  • Williamston: An average of 23 minutes or 18 miles from the nearest hospital emergency room. Roughly 12 minutes or 8 miles from the nearest urgent care.

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail said Ingham County’s most significant health disparities are in the urban core, where the population is lower income, older and include communities of color. That’s where Ingham County sees its worst health outcomes, she said.

“That’s not to diminish that they do have limited access to resources further out in the county,” Vail said.

The Stockbridge area, which includes towns in Livingston and Washtenaw counties, was recently listed by the Health Resources and Services Administration as a medically underserved area. Three geographic areas around Lansing received that same designation in 1994.

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Health care and community organizations have a mandate to serve everyone, not just urban populations, Rezmierski said. If groups can collaborate, it could be possible to fill service gaps, she said.

The Five Healthy Towns Foundation aims to start that coalition, building partnerships to address health and wellness needs for people in the Stockbridge area as well as those in the rural parts of Livingston and Washtenaw counties, Rezmierski said.

“We’re pretty excited about the possibilities,” she said.

Sustainability key to attract, retain providers

Stockbridge did have a health clinic, but it closed because so few people went there, Rezmierski said.

The primary barrier to attracting health clinics, grocery stores and transportation services is the isolation of the area, Smith said. Having those services available  contribute to a person’s overall wellness, she said.

“We are such a desert for so many different elements of health,” Smith said.

The demand for services exists around Stockbridge, Rezmierski said. A survey conducted by Five Healthy Towns found 57% of respondents would use a local health clinic if one was available and 86% would consider transferring service to a practice closer to home.

Rezmierski said many people need laboratory tests and annual examinations and would like to see those services nearby.

As a society, businesses and groups tend to focus on urban populations because it’s easier to make their profit margins, Smith said.

“They’ve got to stay viable,” she said.

Stockbridge mobilizing to fill area’s care gap

The coalition envisions a school-based federally qualified health center that can serve both residents and students. Rezmierski said services could include primary care services, laboratory services, preventative medicine and a hub for telehealth.

That process is in its early stages as the group is still putting together a proposal and seeking grant funding to move the project forward, Rezmierski said.

“This is a coming together of the grassroots of the community,” she said.

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The success of a clinic, if one is created, relies on people feeling comfortable that it will offer quality, professional care that meets their needs, Rezmierski said.

Rezmierski said people in rural areas can be reluctant to access services. The lack of density and transportation makes it difficult for organizations or businesses to meet residents’ needs, she said.

“They need the services but they are hesitant to get involved,” she said. “There’s some real barriers that we need to overcome in the rural population.”

Contact reporter Craig Lyons at 517-377-1047 or Follow him on Twitter @craigalyons.

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Rockin on the River to defray medical, travel costs for Opelousas family

A non-profit organization that aims to help families in need because of unforeseen medical circumstances is helping one family in Opelousas.

12-year-old Gage Lassare, has been suffering with severe abdominal problems since he was very young. Lassare, described as his loved ones by vibrant and caring, is at Texas Children’s Hospital, where doctors are extensively researching in hopes of a diagnosis.

He underwent surgery at the end of August and in the future will face multiple additional surgeries, along with hospital stays and followups.

Loved ones say the end goal is for Gage to be able to return to normal activities like any other 12-year-old and have great quality of life.

To help defray the Lassare family’s medical and travel expenses, Rockin on the River is holding an all-day event on October 16 at the Yambilee grounds in Opelousas, and they invite everyone to join in supporting Gage.

It will feature a blazin’ chili cookoff, kids corner, a silent/live auction, food, and a gun raffle. DJ Big Al will provide live music.

“He’s got to go to Texas and after that, he’ll have three to four different surgeries and back and forth, back and forth,” explained organizer Tonia Dupre. “With [Gage’s mom] not being able to go to work, we’re just hoping to do something to help them out.”

The Yambilee grounds will open at 8 a.m. More information can be found here.

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Dane County travelers react as some medical experts suggest air travel vaccine requirement

MADISON (WKOW) — Whenever you fly, you need proof of identification, and some health experts want proof of vaccination to be required, too.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a podcast interview that he would support an air travel vaccine mandate, and he’s not the only one.

“We think it’s a great idea,” Tim and Jane Clift, who were flying from Madison to Colorado, said. “We’re vaccinated, and everyone has their own opinion, but it’s not just yourself who can be considered. You have to think about everyone else’s health.”

Other travelers agreed with the Clifts.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Melissa Gormley said. “I think that there should be other sectors of society that we have vaccine mandates, as well.”

According to a recent Gallup survey, 61% of Americans favor a vaccination requirement for air travel, while 39% oppose it.

The U.S. Travel Association said a mandatory vaccination requirement for domestic travel would negatively impact families with young children who aren’t eligible for the vaccine.

“I think mandating it and leaving those groups, not allowing those groups to travel makes it a little bit more problematic,” Gormley said.

As the airline industry struggles to take flight again, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said he won’t create a vaccine requirement for passengers because of new federal workplace requirements.

“The Biden administration rule on requiring employers over 100 people to get everyone to be vaccinated, I think, is probably the most efficient way as opposed to creating friction in airports,” he said.

Dane County Regional Airport, like many around the nation, is struggling to rebound and airport officials said they hope a mandate, if enacted, would mean business as usual.

“Present day, we’re down about 40% from where we were at this time in 2019,” Michael Riechers, Dane County Regional Airport’s marketing and communications director, said. “At our low point, we were down about 90%. We’re gonna do the best we can to keep the traveler safe once they arrive here at Dane County Regional Airport, and we’re happy to see the folks traveling.”

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You Could Save Thousands by Getting Medical Care in These 4 Countries

As borders open and tourism picks back up, it isn’t just sightseers who are getting back to traveling. Each year, thousands of U.S. travelers who have been let down by their own broken healthcare system head overseas in search of affordable medical care.

Medical tourism was a growing industry before COVID hit, with an estimated 780,000 people traveling for both elective and necessary medical procedures in 2019. While the number was understandably low in 2020, medical tourism is picking back up in 2021, and it’s projected that around 650,000 people will travel for medical care in 2021.

The key to making the most of medical tourism is to find a balance between affordable costs — the whole point is to avoid medical debt — and quality care. The countries on this list are popular destinations for U.S. medical tourists thanks to reputations for well-educated professionals and costs up to 80% lower than they’d typically be for the same procedures stateside.

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1. Mexico

Our neighbor to the south is one of the top destinations for U.S. medical tourists, especially those looking for affordable dental care. Dental implants, for example, tend to cost between $3,000 and $4,500 each in the U.S., while the same implants cost more than 60% less across the border.

Dentists in Mexico are highly trained, either at home or in U.S. dental schools, and clinics follow many of the same standards you’d find in the U.S. In fact, because cross-border medical tourism is so common, some towns near the border are highly dedicated to the industry.

2. Malaysia

Located in southeast Asia, Malaysia sees around 4.9 million medical tourists each year. Malaysia has a top-rated medical care system, with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Many tourists head to Malaysia for major procedures, including heart surgery and hip replacements, which can cost less than a quarter of what similar procedures would cost in the U.S. It also doesn’t hurt that the country is well known for its beautiful beaches, making it a lovely place to recover.

3. Thailand

Thailand is known as a place with a very affordable cost of living, and it’s a popular destination for expats and digital nomads for just that reason. But medical tourists are also drawn to Thailand’s affordability, where many procedures cost thousands less than you’d pay in the U.S.

Moreover, the low cost of living means staying there during your recovery won’t run up your credit cards, either. But while healthcare in Thailand is affordable, Thailand doesn’t skip out of quality of care. It has several world-renowned hospitals and is known for its advanced medical technology.

4. India

Medical tourism is a billion-dollar industry in India, but it’s not all about facelifts and Botox. India is a highly popular destination for affordable non-elective surgery, including cancer care, transplants, and cardiac bypass surgeries.

Procedural costs can be as low as 10% of the cost of comparable U.S. surgeries — without sacrificing quality. India is home to dozens of internationally recognized hospitals, and Indian surgeons are often educated abroad at some of the top medical schools in the world before returning home to practice.

Know the risks

Any medical procedure has its own risks, no matter where it’s performed. But traveling abroad can add extra layers of potential risk, or at least complication. The language and cultural differences, for instance, can make even a regular tourist visit more difficult, let alone a medical procedure.

You also need to consider travel risks. Many countries will require some type of visa, especially if you need to stay for several months. Be sure you’ll qualify for the appropriate travel visa before booking or paying for a medical procedure abroad.

Then there are the potential legal issues. Since you’re not in the U.S., our laws won’t apply. So, if something goes wrong to the point where you might have a solid malpractice case in the U.S., you could be entirely without legal recourse in another country.

There are also potential privacy problems to consider. The U.S. has its privacy issues, but what can — and can’t — be shared about your medical history is fairly well protected. The same may not be true in other countries. You may also have issues with getting your own records when you need them.

Consider all the costs

Although it’s easy to save money on the actual procedure, that won’t be your only cost when traveling abroad for medical purposes.

For one thing, you need to actually get there. Travel costs can be quite high depending on how far you’re traveling; expect to pay at least $1,000 or more for airfare alone when heading to Asia from the U.S. (Pro tip: Pick up an airline credit card and use points or miles to cover the cost of your flight.)

And then there’s the recovery time. For some procedures, you won’t get medical clearance to fly for several weeks after your surgery, which can mean a lot of extra costs for a long hospital or hotel stay.

Even with the extra costs, traveling for medical care can be an excellent way to save a lot of money versus paying inflated U.S. costs. And if you do your homework, you won’t need to sacrifice quality of care.

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Drive Medical Scout 4 Mobility Scooter Review – Forbes Health

The Scout 4 is a simple, portable mobility scooter. Most people who use this scooter have health or mobility issues but still want to get out and remain active, according to Torres. “Some can still walk and just need to use a scooter part-time,” he says.

To operate the Scout 4, set the speed knob on the console to the speed range you want and push a small throttle to start moving. This scooter doesn’t go fast—its speed maxes out at 4.25 miles per hour. The electromagnetic brake system senses when you engage the throttle and automatically releases the rear wheels. When you let go of the throttle, the brakes automatically activate and the unit slows to a stop.

Comfort Features

The height and angle of the padded seat are adjustable to fit your body. The armrest width and angle can also be adjusted, and the angle of the tiller can be tilted to fit the length of your arms so you can drive without leaning forward.

Safety Features

As a four-wheel scooter with two small anti-tip wheels at the rear, the Scout 4 offers a stable ride. There’s no danger in speeding since its speed tops out at 4.25 miles per hour. But it doesn’t have headlights or rear lights, so it’s not safe to drive outside at night.


The Scout 4 is designed to be a travel scooter, so it’s easy to take apart and reassemble. “It disassembles to four pieces,” says Torres. “I can take it apart in less than a minute. For older people, it might take a few minutes,” he says. And “everything has a handle. So when you disassemble the rear section, that has a handle. The front section has a handle and the battery box has a handle,” adding that the seat is easy to carry.


It’s a versatile mobility scooter for indoor and outdoor use—within limits. The ground clearance is only 2.5 inches, so it’s best driven on smooth, compact terrain, says Torres. “If you drive over loose gravel or sand, you’ll sink,” he says. “You can take it on light grass if it’s not too thick.” If you’re unsure about driving this scooter over a particular surface, avoid it, the owner’s manual advises.

The Customer Service Experience

Several calls to the Drive Medical customer service line were answered immediately by courteous and well-informed representatives. They took time to answer many detailed questions and offered information to help understand the uses and limitations of the scooter. Representatives were well-versed in all kinds of scooters, as they were able to compare the Scout 4 to others in terms of stability, comfort and usability.

Warranties and Discounts

Drive Medical offers a lifetime warranty for the mainframe, seat post, platform and frame welds; a 24-month warranty on the motor, throttle, brakes and other items; and a 12-month warranty on batteries. Battery manufacturers provide a 6-month warranty, so if something goes wrong after six months, the batteries are covered for the next six months by the Drive Medical warranty.

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Newton to miss time after traveling to medical appointment

The Patriots say quarterback Cam Newton will miss at least three days of practice this week after traveling to a team-approved, out of town medical appointment over the weekend.

The team said in a statement Monday that Newton went to the appointment Saturday and tested negative each day for COVID-19.

But due to a “misunderstanding about tests conducted away from NFL facilities” that is required by NFL and NFLPA protocols, he has been subjected to a five-day, re-entry cadence before he can return to the Patriots’ team facilities. The earliest he is eligible to return is Thursday.


The statement said Newton will continue participating in team activities virtually while he is being held out of practices.

According to the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols that were most recently updated on July 27, only unvaccinated players are subject to the five-day re-entry cadence that requires daily testing. Fully vaccinated players are required to test once every 14 days.

Asked earlier this month whether he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, Newton declined to answer.

“I think it’s too personal for each and every person to kind of discuss it, and I’ll just keep it at that,” he said.

Newton missed a game early last season after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Monday marked the first practice absence this preseason for Newton, who is in his second season in New England after being signed prior to last season following Tom Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay.

Newton struggled in limited action in the Patriots’ first preseason game, but shined in their second exhibition matchup at Philadelphia last week, passing for 103 yards and a touchdown in a 35-0 win. He is trying to keep his starting job this season after New England used its first-round pick on Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

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Covid-19 live updates: Fauci urges China to release medical records of Wuhan researchers – The Washington Post

Covid-19 live updates: Fauci urges China to release medical records of Wuhan researchers  The Washington Post

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Findit Features Members Millenia Medical, OTC Tip Reporter and Titan Roofing Who Utilize Findit Marketing Services To Increase Organic Search Results in Search Engines

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Millenia Medical

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