Latest news updates: First ministers of Scotland and Wales call for tighter travel controls

Japan will ban foreign citizens from entering the country, reversing a three-week old relaxation of its rules, as Tokyo responds to the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Prime minister Fumio Kishida on Monday announced the decision, which will take effect at midnight on Tuesday.

“We’re handling the Omicron variant with a strong sense of crisis,” Kishida told reporters. “It appears to be spreading around the world so we continue to look at further strengthening our border control measures.”

The new ban covers foreign students, trainees and workers moving to Japan and business travellers on short trips. Under the relaxation announced three weeks ago, vaccinated business travellers could visit Japan with a quarantine as short as three days.

Japanese nationals returning from South Africa, neighbouring countries and other nations with Omicron cases would have to quarantine at government controlled facilities, Kishida said.

Traders in Tokyo said that despite the Omicron news over the weekend, Tokyo’s morning session had been relatively positive, with opening dip pared back before the lunch break as NY futures continued to trade positively.

However, the headlines regarding Japan’s new policies on foreign arrivals hit sentiment hard, driving down stocks that had previously been trading higher on expectations of a gradual return to the tourism market.

Shares in Japan Air Terminals and several of the large railway companies fell sharply.

“Japan had just started to open up for short-term visitors and this looks like a step back,” said CLSA head of execution services Takeo Kamai. “There is a lot of uncertainty and the Tokyo market is always going to trade conservatively at a time like that.”

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How to Call In Coyotes During the Late Fall

There’s a window right about now, as November leans more toward December and late fall feels more like winter, when I put my big-game bow down for a while, trade it for a .223 or shotgun, and turn my attention squarely onto coyotes. When it comes to calling dogs into gun range, I don’t think there’s a better time. Pelts are thickening—getting prime for the taking. Young of the year coyotes are highly susceptible to distress calls now, and coyotes young and old are spending more time on their feet hunting for food. 

Of course, these are still coyotes we are talking about. They’re never easy to fool, but if you follow these four tips, you’ll have plenty of fur for the stretching board.

1. Before Calling, Find Out What Coyotes Are Eating.

Hunters with three coyotes
When you know what area coyotes are eating and key in on the sounds their favorite prey, you’ll be in for great hunting. Jace Bauserman

Here’s a trick that should be obvious but that most coyote hunter don’t bother doing—and it can make a huge difference. Before you touch a call, spend some time scouting your area and find out what the local song dogs are eating. This isn’t a difficult task, but you have to pay close attention. For instance, if you see a few dogs sniffing around in a prairie dog town, you know these plump prairie pests are on the menu. If you’re rolling down a two-track road and find some droppings, put on some rubber gloves and investigate. If the droppings are full of feathers, coyotes are keying on birds. If the droppings have deer or pronghorn hair, they’re keying on fawns and will come to a fawn-in-distress call. Don’t just go to your calling grounds, crank up a wounded-rabbit sound, and call it good. I would guess more than 80 percent of coyote callers rely solely on rabbit sounds. As a result, smart coyotes get used to those sounds and avoid them. Match your sounds to the game that’s in the area, and you’ll have more success.

2. Be Patient. Give Each Setup a Full Half Hour.

My 16-year-old son said it best the other day while we were driving up a dirt road on the way to our next calling point. “Dad, I love to call coyotes,” he sad. “But it’s hard to stay focused when they don’t come in the first 5 minutes.” 

I have kept extensive records over the years, and I believe after the 12-minute mark, your odds of calling a coyote start to go down a little, but they remain pretty good for longer than that. My rule of thumb this time of year is to stay on stands for 30 minutes. The key is to keep scanning and not start losing faith at the 15-minute mark. During November, food is easier to obtain than it is in late winter, which may cause dogs to be a little less aggressive as they head towards a meal.  

Earlier this month, my son and I started calling at one of our money spots at 10 a.m. It’s a large sage flat full of bird life. Over the past three years, we’ve called the area six times, always later in the winter, and killed nine coyotes. All (including some doubles and triples) have come sprinting to a Sparrow-Raspy WP distress sound, and all dogs showed up during the first 5 minutes of each calling session. We’d never called the spot in November before, and this his time it was different. Temperatures were in the upper 50s, and it took precisely 17:28 seconds for a pair of coyotes to wander in. As good as late fall is for calling coyotes, you do have to be a little more patient.

3. Let Coyotes Get Close.

A hunter dragging home a coyote
The author’s son hauls a furred-up November dog off the Colorado plains. Jace Bauserman

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbie coyote hunters make is taking shots that are too long. My goal is to get every coyote as close as possible, and over the years, my crew and I have shot piles of them at less than 5 yards. Our reasoning for getting them so close is twofold: First, it makes for an exciting hunt. Second, cleaning up and sewing a coyote blasted by a shotgun is quick and easy. 

When you first spy a coyote coming to your call, read his body language. Get him in your scope, but as long as he’s moving toward you, let him keep coming. It’s typical for approaching coyotes to stop for a few seconds from time to time and scan the area. They are looking for the prey they hear, and if you have a remote that activates a decoy, this is a great time to twirl it. If the dog resumes his course, let him keep coming. 

Another excellent tip for getting a coyote to come closer is switching the caller back on for a brief second as the dob is paused and watching. You can stay with the same sound—be sure to lower the volume first—or go with any rodent distress call. 

It’s a different story is a coyote sits down on his haunches and freezes like a statue. This body language typically means the dog saw something he doesn’t like, and if he’s in range, you need to take him.

It’s also common for approaching coyotes to try and work downwind. Always know your exact wind direction and speed. If the wind is in your face, the dog will have to work behind you to catch your scent, and chances are good you’ll get him close. If you’re hunting a crosswind, be ready to stop the dog with a bark before he hits your wind.

4. Don’t Play It Loud, for Starters.

People ask me all the time how far I think coyotes can hear a distress call. My answer is: I have no idea, but it’s a hell of a long way. Once, while hunting the open prairie of southeast Colorado, my hunting partner and I spied a coyote bedded in a prairie dog town. His SIG rangefinder told us the dog was 789 yards away. The wind was blowing in our face (away from the dog) at a speed of 7 miles per hour. With the volume on his FoxPro caller set very low, he let the caller emit a few prairie dog distress sounds. The coyote erupted from his bed and came on a string. 

Read your landscape and the current wind conditions before turning on your caller. I tell you this because when it comes to volume, more doesn’t always mean better. Wooded river bottoms and rolling cedar canyons won’t let sound travel nearly as far as open country does, but you’ll likely be closer to coyotes when you kick the caller on, so keep the volume in mind. Also, if the wind is pushing over 15 mph, you’ll need to push the volume button up a bit. Still, start with the volume low, even when the wind is blowing or when hunting wide-open spaces. Too many times, I’ve walked in on a bedded dog I didn’t know was there, blasted the volume, and watched him tuck tail and run away.

Most important, get out there. November is a great time to call coyotes, and don’t forget that those pelts are worth some green. Skinning, stretching, fleshing, and sewing pelts does take some work, but it’s a gratifying process and, at the very least, will help pay for your addiction. 

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Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer tips

Call of Duty Vanguard’s fast paced combat can seem daunting at first, but with our multiplayer tips we’ll have you topping the scoreboard in no time. With plenty of Call of Duty Vanguard guns to pick from and 16 maps to play on at launch, there’s a lot to get your head around. Thankfully, we have plenty of loadout guides which focus on the best weapons in the game.

If you’re completely new to the series, you don’t need to worry about getting destroyed by experienced players as Vanguard features skill-based matchmaking. This ensures players of equal skill face off against each other, so you shouldn’t run into someone who has prestiged ten times in every Call of Duty game.

A common misconception about FPS games is that you need perfect aim in order to succeed, but that’s far from the truth, especially in the Call of Duty series. We’re going to look at some of the components in detail to get you started and improve your skills.

Always keep up to date with the current meta

The meta in modern Call of Duty games moves very quickly. If you aren’t paying attention, you might end up bringing nerfed weapons to the battlefield. It’s also possible to create a loadout that isn’t optimal, making it difficult for you to keep up with the rest of the players in your lobby. We highly recommend checking out our loadout guides for the popular Vanguard weapons – our guides are regularly updated to stay ahead of the latest balance changes.

A campsite in a forest at dusk in Call of Duty Vanguard

Slow down and focus on the minimap

This might sound like an obvious tip, but there are a lot of players that rush into combat without thinking about the consequences. Once you reach the main choke points on the map, this is a good time to start playing tactically. Minimise the number of locations enemies can shoot you from by carefully considering where you take cover. More often than not, if you take cover in a particularly good area, you can pick off enemies as they run right past you.

You should always plan your route of attack by studying the minimap first – take a look at where your team is before running into battle. The potential to earn more kills by venturing off on your own is much higher than sticking with your team, but so is your chance of being killed.

Unless the enemy is using specific Call of Duty Vanguard perks, your teammate’s death is marked on the screen with a white skull. Knowing exactly where your squad died makes it easy to track where the enemy is likely to travel to. Use this information to your advantage by aiming down your sights towards the danger area, also known as pre-aiming.

Study every map

Your first few battles on the new multiplayer maps are going to be hectic, but over time you should start to see a pattern emerge. Pay close attention to the areas where most of the action takes place. Every map has certain runways and doors that players must go through – once you’ve established where these areas are, this is where pre-aiming can really come in handy. It does take a while to learn the locations of each of these areas, but this information can prove to be vital, especially in the early stages of the game’s life.

Pointing a gun in a room glowing red in Call of Duty Vanguard

Build different loadouts depending on the map size

It’s important to come prepared with multiple loadouts to suit every type of map. There are plenty of small maps which lean towards close quarters combat – have an SMG loadout ready as this weapon type thrives in narrow spaces. Likewise, if you’re playing on a large map with lots of outdoor space, you may want to bring a sniper rifle to pick off enemies from a distance. You can get away with using an assault rifle on every map, but where’s the fun in that?

Utilise Vanguard’s new mechanics

There are three new mechanics in Vanguard: suppression fire, blind firing, and mounting. Suppression fire, coupled with the new destructible environments, allows players to drastically slow down enemies by hitting them with bullets. If you’re using an LMG, this mechanic might encourage you to fire continuously towards a group of enemies in order to pin them down. If any of the enemies escape and take damage, their slowed movement will make it easier for your teammates to score an easy kill.

Blind firing and mounting go hand in hand. Once you’re close to a flat wall, you should be able to fire your weapon without putting your body in any danger. Your accuracy won’t be great, however, at worst you’ll provide suppression fire to your team, and at best you land a lucky kill.

The mounting system has been revamped to make it worthwhile this time around. This also ties in well with our tip on slowing down in combat – mounting onto cover increases your accuracy, but it also makes you an easy target. This mechanic was difficult to use in the previous games as players were unable to move freely. In Vanguard, players can strafe while mounted, allowing you to avoid gunfire and line up a better shot.

firing a rocket launcher in Call of Duty Vanguard

Complete the objective

Another tip that should be common sense but surprisingly isn’t! It doesn’t matter If you’re going to go out of your way to pick a different game mode like Kill Confirmed or Domination, the least you can do is help your team out with the objective. You earn more experience points by winning games, so try to collect the most dog tags or capture every point.

That’s everything you need to know to step up your game in Call of Duty Vanguard’s multiplayer modes. Speaking of multiplayer, do you know about the new Warzone map? Caldera is set to replace Verdansk after almost two years – check out our Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 guide to see what else is joining the game.

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Call for Proposals: SEC Faculty Travel Award

The Southeastern Conference supports faculty to conduct research and other collaborations at SEC member universities. The SEC Faculty Travel Award Program is intended to enhance faculty collaboration that stimulates scholarly iniatives among the conference’s 14 member universities. It gives faculty from one SEC university the opportunity to travel to another SEC campus to exchange ideas, develop grant proposals, and conduct research.

A maximum of five travel grants — funded by the SECU academic initiative — are available to each university for visiting faculty to use during an appropriate period, such as an off-campus duty assignment (OCDA), the summer or a designated university break. The visiting faculty member may consult with faculty and/or students, offer lectures or symposia, or engage in whatever activities are productive for the visitor and host campus. All areas of research and scholarly activity are eligible for support. 

All full time faculty in professorial titles, including non-tenure track, are eligible to apply. Applicant should submit:

  1. A 2-3 page proposal that outlines the scholarly activity with the named external SEC faculty collaborator.
  2. A statement of scholarly significance of the activity and the promise of it becoming a fully supported research collaboration.
  3. A budget.
  4. CVs of applicant and SEC external collaborator.

Applications should be sent in a combined pdf document to by 5 p.m. on Nov. 30. Travel is expected to be completed by July 15, 2022.

The SEC Visiting Faculty Travel Grant is one of several programs of the SECU academic initiative. SECU, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, sponsors, supports and promotes collaborative higher education programs and activities involving administrators, faculty and students at its member universities.

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Call Airline Directly – Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic And The Best of NY

Judge Judy Sheindlin Tells CBS2 Why She Decided To Move On To New Streaming Venture “Judy Justice”“Judge Judy” has been 4 p.m. appointment television on CBS2 for decades. While she Judy Sheindlin remains a staple before our broadcast, she is venturing into streaming entertainment. CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reports.

Plastic Straw Restriction Law Takes EffectA new law restricting the use of plastic straws at New York City bars and restaurants is now in effect.

Protesters Block Construction In East River ParkActivists tried to block a construction project to protect East Side coastal neighborhoods from flooding.

Mayor Bill De Blasio Files Paperwork To Potentially Run For GovernorNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is one step closer to possibly running for Governor of New York. CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.

$1.8 Million Play Space Opens In Queens As New York Road Runners Kick Off Marathon WeekFor the last several years, NYRR has teamed up with a nonprofit group to create more play spaces for kids. This is their 11th in the five boroughs. CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reports.

Travel Expert On Re-Booking Canceled Flights: Call Airline DirectlyIt was another weekend of chaos at the airports. Thousands of flights were cancelled, leaving travelers scrambling to re-book. As we get closer to the holidays, CBS2’s Nick Caloway went to find out what travelers can expect.

Mother Of Murdered Toddler Running Against Judge Who Presided Over Custody CaseAn activist mother of a murdered toddler is running as a write-in candidate against the judge who presided over her child’s custody case. CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports.

Voters Decide: Sliwa Launches Last-Ditch Attacks On Adams, Vows To Remove Beret If He WinsIt’s down to the wire in the New York City mayoral race. Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa barnstormed the five boroughs on Monday. CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports.

10 Hurt In Multi-Vehicle Crash In WestchesterPolice said 25-year-old Nicole Smith struck a car then a Bee-Line Bus this morning.

Second Suspect Arrested In Deadly Armed Robbery Of New Jersey ManPolice said Devin Melchor and Jekai Reid followed Sree Ranga Aravapalli 30 miles to his home in Plainsboro.

Vaccine Mandate For New York City Workers In EffectMayor Bill de Blasio said 91% of the city’s more than 300,000 employees are vaccinated. That leaves about 9,000 unvaccinated workers who were put on unpaid leave. CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reports.

New York Weather: Pick Of The WeekCBS2’s Elise Finch has the latest weather forecast.

New York Road Runners Build New School Yard For Queens StudentsTo kick off New York City Marathon week, New York Road Runners is unveiling a series of charitable projects, including a new school yard for students in Jamaica, Queens. CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge has the story.

Reputed Drug Kingpin Shot To Death In HarlemThe NYPD is investigating the deadly shooting of a reputed drug kingpin in Harlem.

Bee-Line Bus Involved In Mount Vernon CrashSeveral people were hurt Monday in a crash involving a Bee-Line bus in Mount Vernon.

Thousands Of NYC Workers On Unpaid Leave Over Vaccine MandateNew York City began enforcing its COVID vaccine mandate for municipal workers and first responders Monday. Mayor Bill de Blasio said 9,000 employees were placed on unpaid leave until they get their first shot. CBS2’s John Dias reports.

Mayor De Blasio’s COVID Briefing As Vaccine Mandate BeginsMayor Bill de Blasio holds latest briefing as COVID vaccine mandate takes effect for municipal workers.

NYC Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect For City WorkersNew York City will start enforcing its COVID vaccine mandate for municipal workers Monday. CBS2’s John Dias has the latest.

20-Year-Old Killed In Harlem ShootingPolice are investigating a deadly shooting in Harlem.

Last Campaign Day Before ElectionVoters will decide some key races for public office in our area.

Commuter Alert For New Jersey DriversAll eastbound lanes are closed on Route 4 in Teaneck. Chopper 2 over the scene.

Carjacking Victim Accused Of Lying About Child In CarNew information came out overnight on a carjacking in Queens. Police say the suspected thief is in custody, but so is the owner of the car. 

New York Weather: Bright And BreezyCBS2’s Elise Finch has the latest weather forecast.

New York Weather: CBS2 11 p.m. ForecastThe first week of November promises to be chilly. Here’s the latest from CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock.

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Global Wake Up Call To Social Media Influencers, Small Businesses

It’s time to diversify away from Facebook products and any legacy social media app where you’re making money on content, or using it as a shingle to your business. Last week’s Facebook blackout serves as yet another reminder. It doesn’t matter where you are. These things go down, if you’re reliant on them for revenue, it’s a day off without pay.

It is unclear exactly how Facebook social media platforms went dark for around six (glorious) hours last week, but people from around the world lost money, not just billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

In India, small online businesses and re-sellers were amongst the worst affected, according to Judy Morris, a travel and lifestyle blogger quoted by India Express.

Neha Puri, CEO and founder of Vavo Digital, an influencer marketing company, said that businesses and social media influencers rely too much on single social media platforms.

“When a store is shut down for a particular period, the shopkeeper incurs losses, (just like) when a major social media platform going down,” Puri said. “Small businesses lost potential customers.”

Instagram is more famously known for its influencers. The risk associated with dependency on a single system that can either demonetize you, or cut your pay drastically at a moments notice, is risky business.

“I’ve always been very aware, especially since the collapse of Vine, that holding your business name and brand on an external social media platform is a risk,” Victoria MacGrath, fashion influencer at In The Frow, warned over a year ago. “To base your livelihood, income and brand on platforms you don’t own, is a huge gamble.”

There are at at least 500 million daily active Stories users on Instagram. Sixty per cent of them seek out and discover new products on Instagram. Brand collaborations have grown 44% between 2018 and 2019, according to Vuelio, a data solutions company serving the public relations and marketing industries.

Instagram’s ‘Creator’ accounts are where short, content creators do their thing as influencers. This is a huge business for some, worldwide. Creator accounts and influencer access to Instagram’s Checkout – in simple terms, Insta’s e-commerce solution — are aimed at keeping creators happy everywhere.

In 2019, even before Instagram’s blackout, influencer marketing expert Scott Guthrie, was saying that as growth flattens at Facebook, the company has been forced to look elsewhere for advertising revenue to prop up the business. “Eyes are now focused squarely on Instagram. The photo-sharing app contributed less than $5 billion to Facebook in 2017. Income nearly doubled in 2018. eMarketer has forecast revenue will exceed $25 billion in 2021,” he says.

“Creator accounts and branded content ads appear, on the surface, to be putting community first but it is surely more about cash than community. The next step will be to kill off organic reach,” Guthrie warns. “Just as Instagram’s parent, Facebook, did with brand pages. If branded content ads currently provide brands with an opportunity to boost influencer content to their pages, what if that opportunity becomes an obligation? What if the only way to reach your audience is by paying to boost your content?”

This sounds like evil genius level business planning. And should be a good reason why those making money off these platforms need to diversify.

“I think creators have many reasons to move over to new platforms,” says Melanie Mohr, Founder & CEO of BULLZ in Singapore. “One reason might be due to certain content restrictions, another reason one might be more innovative creator tools or content approaches. But the driving reason for most creators is going to be better monetization model.”

Regular content creators provide social media platforms with the most value.

Whether they have their own equivalent of a talk show on YouTube, and make money that way, or are selling their fashion sense on Instagram, thousands of creators worldwide are worried about their reliance on Instagram and YouTube.

“It is impossible to monetize solely from those platforms. You have to look out for brand deals or sponsored content to make a living,” says Mohr.

BULLZ is an app that allows for content creators to diversity into crypto, though it is geared to the true crypto gear heads to talk about crypto and new crypto-related startups in short videos. Users share videos of themselves, or others, talking about crypto and blockchain. BULLZ is in the Promote-To-Earn space, where users can find trending projects, discuss them together with other crypto enthusiasts and experts and get rewarded in crypto for their shares.

“Some crypto savvy YouTube creators call it a new TikTok for crypto,” Mohr says. “We have more platforms lined up to integrate the protocol.” They work with two I have never heard of. One is called YEAY. The other protocol is the WOM Authenticator. It’s for branded content promotion. BULLZ pays in WOM tokens.

Rofkin is arguably the pioneer social media platform that came with a crypto component. Content creators on Rofkin earn in the RAE token. Rofkin is for the long-content creator.

Another key alternative to YouTube is the Locals platform. That one pays in fiat. Greg Gutfield is on Locals. And Scott Adams has some of his shows on Locals in order to diversify away from YouTube and reduce demonetization risks for running afoul of the Google

wrong-think police.

This summer, Twitter

chief Jack Dorsey said cryptocurrencies would be “a big part” of the company’s future. Last month, they announced they will roll out a tipping feature in crypto (and fiat), which is another way to diversify income streams for influencers.

“We want everyone on Twitter to have access to avenues to get paid,” staff product manager Esther Crawford posted on September 23.

People can tip with Bitcoin using Strike – a payments application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows Twitter users to send and receive Bitcoin. Strike is extremely limited. Only El Salvador and the U.S. have it, and not all 50 states. (Hawaii and New York do not have it). People in the eligible markets will have to sign up for a Strike account and add their Strike username to receive Bitcoin tips over the Lightning Network. And Twitter users will need a Bitcoin Lightning wallet to send tips to someone’s Strike account, which might be more of a headache than it is worth.

Twitter’s foray is just another example of crypto becoming a payment alternative for creators.

And BULLZ’s foray is a crypto-centric solution for those looking to diversify income streams and escape the mainstream platforms. Maybe if they are crazy lucky, they become the Twitch of crypto videos. If you’re a fashion influencer, though, better get into fashion NFTs, if that’s a thing. It’s probably a thing. (Oh, God, I was right.)

“You are free to create any kind of content but based on blockchain projects that got you excited or wallets you use to store your assets or crypto exchanges you like,” says Mohr. “The only thing that matters is that the content is authentic, and has value to the audience.”

Instagram wants people piped in all the time, and wants its influencers to be more dependent on it. Last week’s blackout shows what that kind of centralization means.

Still, people are lazy, and idle when it comes to these things. Instagram blackouts would probably have to be a regular occurrence before people really diversified in large numbers.

“We think it is crucial that influencers diversify,” digital legal specialists TLT Solicitor’s head of digital future law, James Touzel, says. There’s just one major caveat. He added that content creators should keeping “using Instagram to their full advantage.”

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Delta Air Lines really doesn’t want to call the delta variant the ’delta variant’

“First, it is clear that the communication team wants to emphasize the distinction of the company from the current health crisis,” he said. “Second, they are implicitly conveying to employees and consumers alike that they are taking the situation seriously, including how they distinguish their company name from the current variant.”

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Belgian travel managers call for introduction of rapid testing

The Belgian Association of Travel Management (BATM) has joined
13 other organisations in writing an open letter to the Belgian health minister
Frank Vandenbroucke calling for the acceptance of rapid antigen tests for
travel purposes in the country.

The organisations, which include Air Belgium and the
Brussels Airport Company, wrote that “the current patchwork of measures
implemented by each state and region is making air travel an extremely
difficult and an unpredictable activity” and called on Belgium to fall into
line with neighbouring countries and most other European member states. 

“Restarting international aviation will energise the
economic recovery from Covid-19. Along with vaccines, testing will play a
critical role in giving governments the confidence to re-open their borders to
travellers. For governments, the top priority is accuracy. But travellers will
also need tests to be convenient and affordable since the cost of PCR testing
can completely alter the economics of travel,” they wrote.

In real world conditions, antigen testing is as effective
as PCR testing in reducing the risk of cross-border transmission. Meanwhile the
cost and bureaucracy of PCR tests adds huge burdens to…businesses looking to
travel. These are important considerations in the preparing for a successful restart.“

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Campti man found dead in travel trailer following shots fired call | News

NATCHITOCHES, La. — A Campti man was found dead in his travel trailer the morning after a shots fired call in the area the night before. 

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Stuart Wright said 56-year-old Rickey Lane Caskey was found on the floor suffering from a single gunshot wound around 10:17 a.m. Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Detectives are looking into the possibility the shooting death may be the result of a shots fired call made to 911 around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday in the areas of Lake Street, Marshall Street and Pasture Road in Campti.

Deputies responded but didn’t find any suspicious activity. However, when detectives were searching around Caskey’s travel trailer the next morning they found a bullet hole in a side wall. Detectives believe Caskey might have been standing when the bullet penetrated the trailer wall. 

The sheriff’s office is asking the public for any assistance that could lead to an arrest in this “senseless murder due to gun violence,” Wright said. “Our investigators are working tirelessly in an effort to arrest the individual or individuals involved in the murder of Mr. Caskey. We extend our condolences to the Caskey family and friends.


Anyone with information should contact the NPSO Criminal Investigations Division at 357-7830, Natchitoches CrimeStoppers at 318-238-2388 or Sgt. Craig LaCour, Sgt. Derrick Sowell, Capt. Darrel Winder or Maj. Reginald Turner.

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WTTC repeats call for traffic light system to be scrapped | News

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has repeated its call on the UK government to finally bring an end to the “widely discredited” travel traffic light system.

The call comes after the latest update which saw just seven countries added to the green list, with Thailand, a popular winter sun destination for holiday starved Brits, and Montenegro, added to the red list.

Turkey, widely expected to be able to welcome British visitors stayed in no-go red, seriously damaging its travel sector.

WTTC says both consumers and tourism businesses have lost confidence in the system.

It condemns the endless chopping and changing of countries that causes confusion, and only benefits an unregulated market of costly test suppliers, the body said.

The global tourism body says planning for most businesses – and holidaymakers – had been rendered next to impossible by the 51st change announced today.

WTTC says the time has come to ditch these disruptive updates completely and allow all those fully vaccinated to travel freely once more – unless travelling to a red-list country.

Travel should be allowed with testing – for the unvaccinated – to ensure those who are unable to get vaccinated are not discriminated against.

PCRs should be replaced with the more affordable antigen tests.

However, if the UK government continues to insist on costly and unnecessary PCR tests, it should bear the cost instead of passing it on to consumers, which deters Britons from travelling.

Costly testing is putting travel out of the reach of hard-working families and returning it to the preserve of the wealthy.

Julia Simpson, WTTC chief executive, said: “The traffic light system is widely discredited. It puts the UK at a disadvantage and is squandering the vaccine dividend.

“This is the 51st change in a baffling array of travel bans. Holidaymakers are confused and frustrated.

The UK government is seriously damaging the tourism sector which in turn supports thousands of businesses and jobs.

“The UK government appears to have no exit plan.

“The Global Travel Taskforce, set up to oversee these haphazard travel restrictions must set out a clear strategy to recover normal travel.

“Nowhere should be off limits to anyone in the UK who is fully vaccinated, except in exceptional circumstances.”

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