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No More Wimpy Wipes!

Once you tune up, your next summer road trip tip is to clean up before you hit the road. The world was in need of a better shop wipe, and it’s here. Crocodile Cloth wipes attack grime without falling apart. For serious shop masters, ordinary disposable cleaning wipes are too small. These cloths are big, super absorbent and tough enough for sticky, oily, greasy jobs.

Easy, spill-free fueling.

Who doesn’t need one or several of these around the shop or in the back of the truck? SureCan Fuel Cans give you more control with faster, smoother, more-precise fueling. The pivoting nozzle lets you refuel without tipping the container, eliminating wasted fuel and reducing the risk of fire from spilling fuel on a hot engine. They’re easy-to-use, self-ventilating to avoid air bubbles and feature durable construction that withstands daily use and abuse.

Binge on the Better Bungee

Stock up for summer road trips. Tote, stow and secure with one of the best bungees we’ve found! The Better Bungee is made without rubber, so there’s no cracking, breaking, splitting or brittleness. They withstand UV rays, oil, salt water, gasoline/diesel fuel and most household chemicals. Plus, you’ll love that they hook better and stretch better than run-of-the-mill bungees, more than twice their original length!

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