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MIAMI VALLEY — As spring breakers think about where they will travel to in order to catch some sun, a local medical professional notes a few ways to make the trip safe.

Travel is safer, but we are not where we were before the pandemic, said Doctor Roberto Colon, Chief Medical Officer at Miami Valley Hospital.

The danger is a potential localized outbreak, he said. That outbreak can then become a super-spreader as people go back home, and potentially spread COVID-19 into their hometowns.

As we get even further into spring, images of beaches and spring break destinations over-run with tourists are popping up, leading some places in Florida to issue a curfew in hopes of cutting down on large crowds.

Colon recommends traveling in your own car, but if you do use mass transportation he emphasized the importance of wearing a mask at all times.

“Making sure that you’re trying to maintain that social distance and that you’re avoiding contact with anybody that appears to be having symptoms or appears ill. Those are the best ways to try and keep you as safe as possible,” he said.

If you have the vaccine, Colon said it is safer to travel. However, it takes at least 14 days after your second shot or up to four weeks until you see greater protection against COVID-19.

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