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Slick conditions on the Highway 51-B curve at 151st Street in Coweta sent many people sliding off into the ditch Sunday before the roadway was plowed.



A heavy snowfall on Sunday provided the perfect backdrop for scenic winter photos but played havoc with traffic as roadways were slick and treacherous.

Wagoner County Emergency Management Director Heath Underwood said his office has fielded non-stop calls all day with people running off of roadways, into ditches, hitting trees, running into mail boxes and hitting gas meters.

“It’s been pretty bad all over the entire county and it’s been an all-day event for us. They (meteorologists) kind of missed this forecast,” Underwood said. “We have had quite a few off the road on Highway 51 all the way from Broken Arrow to Wagoner and on Highway 69. It’s been bad on SH-51.”

Fortunately, there have been no injuries yet reported.

Underwood said District 3 road crews plowed and sanded the curve at Highway 51-B and 151st Street in Coweta to help minimize issues before the state came out. They also have assisted City of Coweta crews who have worked hard specifically along 141st Street around Hausam Hill where a lot of vehicles have gone off the roadway.

“All of the major thoroughfares have been done and we are trying to get as much as we can,” the emergency management director said.

In Wagoner, a dispatcher at the police department said roadways are rough and slushy, but only one minor accident has been reported in the city limits.

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