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Singapore Airlines Begins Testing Digital Health Verification on Two Routes

Singapore Airlines is testing a digital health verification
process on two routes, with plans to spread it further across its network and
eventually integrate the process into its mobile app.

As of Dec. 23, select clinics in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur were
giving Singapore Airlines passengers digital or paper health certificates with
a QR code upon completion of Covid-19 testing. Both airport check-in staff and
immigration officials in Singapore have a mobile app that can scan the code and
verify that passengers meet entry requirements, speeding up the check-in and
immigration processes, according to the carrier.

If the trial is successful, Singapore Airlines will expand
it to additional routes, according to the carrier. It also expects to have the
process, which will be able to include vaccine information as well as testing
information once vaccines are more widely available, integrated into its mobile
app by the middle of 2021.

The process Is based on the
Travel Pass framework
developed by the International Air Transport
Association, with IATA’s Timatic registry providing information on entry
requirements including Covid-19 testing.

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