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With New Years season upon us, the South Dakota Highway Patrol reminds travelers of the dangers of driving and what can be done to keep highways safe.

During the 60-hour 2019 Christmas and 2020 New Year’s Holiday reporting period, there were 101 total reportable crashes in South Dakota. Of those, 23 crashes caused injuries to 35 people. Fortunately, there were no fatal crashes in South Dakota during these holidays. We don’t want you, anyone in your family, or one of your friends to become one of these statistics this year. When the winter weather hits, remember to take extra travel time.

We are asking everyone to help us keep our highways safe and accident free. Ways that we can do this are to check our vehicles to make sure they are in good operating condition before we start our travels.  We also need to observe all traffic laws including stop signs, speed limits, seatbelt usage and of course drinking and driving.

The Highway Patrol will be out diligently patrolling the highways working toward ensuring the safety of those who travel this holiday season and throughout the New Year to come.  

Please remember don’t drink and drive and always wear your seatbelt.

Please help us keep our highways safe for all who will be traveling.

We thank you all in advance for helping keep our highways safe for all who travel this holiday season and throughout the year. We hope your time with your family is a joyous one and that you have a wonderful and safe year in 2021.

Trooper James Linn HP117,

Sturgis, SD

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