Saint Lucia Is Making a Name for Itself as a Caribbean Force in Real Estate (and Golf)

Nestled within a triangle that connects Martinique, Saint Vincent, and Barbados, Saint Lucia is a small mountainous island that faces the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. But that’s just Saint Lucia’s geography. To understand what it feels like to be on the island—to watch a black frigate bird cut through turquoise sky beneath puffy white clouds, to sip on Piton (the native pilsner beer), to witness what Nobel laureate Derek Walcott poetically called “the theater of the sea”—one must experience Saint Lucia. And while tourists have traditionally flocked to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia has remained overlooked. But that may not be the case for much longer.

Much of the recent optimism for Saint Lucia is a new development on the island’s northern tip. It’s there that a world-class golf course will be bordered by some 300 homes designed by award-winning architect Richard Evans of Studio RHE. The team responsible for this project is Cabot—a brand that, in the short span of 17 years, has produced some of the world’s best golf resorts in the world’s most dramatic settings. “I can’t think of one place on Earth quite like this,” says Ben Cowan-Dewar, cofounder and CEO of Cabot. “And while people say that about most places they go, I truly do mean it.” 

It’s hard to argue with Cowan-Dewar when you consider that Saint Lucia has rows of cactus on the shoreline with a rainforest in the near distance; a holocene within a holocene. Cowan-Dewar and his team have a track record of searching for destinations that are as remote as they are stunningly beautiful, and then building the best golf course within a plane ride of the competition. But it’s not just about hitting the links, Cabot understands the importance of serving the local communities in which they operate. Along with philanthropic efforts, the increased employment and tourism opportunities created by Cabot help grow the surrounding economy. As was the case with their Cabot Cape Breton resort in Inverness, Nova Scotia, an area that was hard hit after its coal mines closed.

Investors have flocked to Cabot Saint Lucia in the midst of COVID-19, as buyers are bullish on remote real estate locations. 

All images are courtesy of Cabot Saint Lucia

But that was in the past; Cowan-Dewar’s team is thinking of the future. And with this project, the future is looking bright. “Unlike almost every other island in the area, there’s been no significant development in Saint Lucia,” says Kristine Thompson, a native of Trinidad and CEO of Cabot Saint Lucia. “And when you build something like we’re working on here, the whole country takes off. It’s one of those special moments that can transform the whole island and its people. And for someone from the Caribbean, that is exciting, being a part of that.” 

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