Roaring Twenties could follow COVID-19 pandemic, travel agent says

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly canceled many people’s plans and caused millions of Americans to quarantine for what was a terrifying and unknown March and April of 2020.

Fast forward 12 months and some tourist destinations, like Disney World in Orlando, are sold out for spring break.

There’s no doubt the travel industry was hit hard as COVID-19 crippled travel plans worldwide about this time last year.

Travel agencies were also hit hard as volume evaporated overnight.

Now, the opposite appears to be happening as a lot of people are making up for last year’s lost time.

Not all aspects of travel have gone back to normal in terms of restrictions, said Stacie Yarbrough with SooHoo Travel Group.

It remains difficult to book international vacation trips as many countries won’t allow it. Mexico and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico are becoming very popular, fast.

“Whenever they had the Spanish Flu after that we had The Roaring Twenties,” said Yarbrough. “Everybody kind of let loose. I have a feeling we’re about to have something very similar in the vacation realm as well.”

There are many people who have largely been stuck inside the last 12 months who have been quarantining much of the last year.

There are vacation options to safely get people out of the house and out of cabin fever, Yarbrough said.

Travel agents recommend booking as far in advance as possible because it’s possible things will continue to sell out such as Disney World – especially as state’s like Alabama ease restrictions and more and more people are vaccinated.

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