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Spawned by the pent-up demand of a pandemic, Maui’s visitor industry is enjoying a welcome boost in prosperity.

Evidently, there are those who prefer the trickle-in income that comes with leaner times, but hopefully, there are more of us who find the feel of folding money a whole lot better than an empty purse.

It took 50 years of continuous effort by the HVB and private enterprise to build a thriving visitor industry on our island.

Knowing firsthand what it took to build it, I am greatly concerned with the stratagem of blocking and/or inhibiting the flow of visitors to Maui by reducing flights, raising taxes, fees and any other petty means to pump the cost of travel. That stratagem comes with the real risk of a recession, a recession that we will all feel where it hurts the most.

The problem is not our visitors; the problem is a lack of a smooth-flowing infrastructure and inadequate planning.

Martin DuPont


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