‘Now or never’ to save summer holidays as Government faces protests

This isn’t a war, but a race, and our European competitors have a head start and key piece of modern kit we’re missing: a vaccine passport, writes Ed Grenby.

While Shapps fiddles, Rome books. It’s all very well him and Hancock hinting that, come August, they might let us out to play if we’ve had both our jabs like good little boys and girls – but meanwhile, the rest of Europe is allowing its citizens to travel freely across the EU from July 1 with their shiny new ‘Green Certificate’ vaccine passports

We wish them well, of course – Bonnes vacances, Marie! And, um, Guten Holidisch, Klaus? – but the problem is: there’s actually a limited supply of vacation accommodation in the hotspots of Greece, Spain and the Med. And with our neighbours hoovering all the summer holidays up now, industry projections suggest the cupboard will be as bare as a sunbather’s midriff when we Britons are eventually allowed to organise ours. 

Are we at risk of losing out on our summer holidays? Read Ed’s piece and join the debate here.

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