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Latest Covid rates in your area

Coronavirus infection rates have dropped in all areas of the North East – with some registering a fall of more than 50%.

According to the latest seven-day figures for the region, Sunderland has seen the biggest decrease inCovid rates.

The rate per 100,000 people inSunderland is 465.6 – a drop of 55.7% on the previous week. A total of 1,293 cases were recorded in the city for the seven–day period ending on July 26.

Meanwhile, infections also continued to fall in other North East areas. The rate inGateshead fell by 51.6% and South Tyneside by 51.2%

The highest number of Covid cases was inCounty Durham, at 2,135. But this was still a drop of 49.3% on the previous week.

Newcastle and Northumberland also have more than 1,000 cases but the rate has fallen significantly since last week.

(These are the seven day infection rates for the week ending July 26, taken from the UK Government’s Covid data map. Infection rates are the number of new cases for every 100,000 residents):

South Tyneside – 521.9 (788 cases, down 51.2%)

North Tyneside – 428.5 (891 cases, down 40.9%)

Northumberland – 339.6 (1,095 cases, down 49.9%)

Newcastle upon Tyne – 413.4 (1,252 cases, down 49.2%)

Gateshead – 411.8 (832 cases, down 51.6%)

Sunderland – 465.6 (1,293 cases, down 55.7%)

County Durham – 402.8 (2,135 cases, down 49.3%)

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