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Sunderland mum opens up on agony of watching her two babies fight for their lives in intensive care

A mum from Sunderland has opened up about her harrowing experience of watching both of her children fight for their lives in intensive care.

Carley Yoxall, 25, from Plains Farm, described her heartbreak at watching both her two children Kaiden and Aliyah Liddle hooked up to life-support machines after complications.

Carley Yoxall watched her two children Kaiden and Aliyah fight for their lives

Her first-born Kaiden spent five-and-a-half weeks in intensive care which robbed Carley and dad Daniel Liddle of those precious first weeks of bonding and Carley developed postnatal depression.

After almost losing Kaiden, Carley could never have imagined going through that pain again but three years later when their daughter Aliyah was born she had to watch on again as she fought for survival.

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