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Warning after ‘freak wave’ swept mum out to sea on Seaham beach

A mum who was swept out to sea by a “freak wave” while walking on the beach has issued a stark safety warning.

Rosa Fawcett

Rosa Fawcett, from Darlington, was enjoying a family stroll on the beach at Seaham on Wednesday, April 10, when she was caught off balance and pulled offshore by a sudden surge of water.

Rosa, 27, said: “I was just on the beach, right next to the slip. My husband had gone ahead with my daughter and I didn’t think anything of it, I just followed them on the route I thought they’d taken.

“This freak wave just caught me, it took my legs from under me, I didn’t see it coming.

“Whatever was under my feet just disappeared, my legs collapsed and I was swept out into the water.

“As soon as the water took my legs I was just screaming for help.

“I didn’t even think about the cold until I got out, I was just hoping someone would call the Coastguard.

“I knew I would be in more danger if I inhaled any water, so I pinched my nose and held my breath every time “

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