Munckhof picks up Dutch public sector accounts

Dutch travel management company Munckhof has picked up the
accounts of driver and vehicle licensing agency RDW and the Dutch land registry

The award of the Kadaster account was made following a European
tender procedure and came into effect on 1 September for an initial period of
three years. Kadaster spends around €235,000 a year on business travel.

A Kadaster spokesperson said, “The fact that Munckhof was
able to retain its employees and their knowledge and skills during the pandemic
by organising alternative activities is very positive. It gives us a lot of
confidence that the experience of travel consultants has not been lost and that
we can work together with a reputable travel partner.”

The company’s 24/7 service support and its traveller
information app were also recognised as important in its winning of the account.

“We are delighted that the land registry has chosen us
as a travel partner. Because we can respond to the wishes and needs of Kadaster
and its travellers with our own experienced people and technology, we are able
to take the burden off them,” said Tom Roefs, general manager of the Munckhof

The RDW contract, meanwhile, is worth up to €3 million over a three-year

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