Liverpool’s Quirky Quarter attraction gets rave TripAdvisor reviews | Travel News | Travel

Paul Rose, a spokesperson for the Quirky Quarter teased: “Being such a new business and opening just six weeks before the first lockdown we needed to establish ourselves first.

“Having said that, we have lots of new ideas that we can’t wait to introduce. The space was designed to be able to refresh a zone without much disruption to the overall experience.”

It is the first of its kind for the city and brings a completely new and fresh concept to Liverpool.

One TripAdvisor user said: “We happened to be walking along Duke Street and noticed the eye-catching window display. We couldn’t simply walk past, so popped in and so glad we did.

“About an hour later we came out with big smiles from all the unexpected and hidden gems inside – really makes your brain work and look at things in a different light.”

Another added: “Interactive experience, with lots to do. No clues, it is not all that it seems either, there is lots of space and ample time to use the activities.

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