Kids travel from across country for scout camp | Local News

Camp Geiger over the past few weeks has been a Mecca of sorts for boy scouts.

Over the summer they traveled from as Far East as Maryland, and as far west as Washington to participate in activities.

Aubrey Villarreal from Bonner Springs, Kansas, has been making the trip to St. Joseph for six years. It’s rewarding to have friends from all over the country, he said.

“It’s really nice to have friends, like, that can be in different areas,” he said. “Like, I have now friends from Texas and I also have some friends from Colorado now, too, so it’s really nice.”

But Boy Scout camp isn’t just for the boys.

Madelin Montgomery is one of several girls who traveled with her scout group from Wichita.

It’s fun to be in camp with the boys, though not everyone has the same reaction, she said.

“I know a lot of other girls are scared of them though, and it’s just kind of funny to see how they are scared of them,” she said.

Campers could take several classes throughout the week, ranging from swimming and rowing to crafting skills like pottery.

Two of Villarreal’s favorite classes were metalworking and rowing.

“Metalworking was really fun to learn how to build different objects with metal, and do different shapes and such,” he said. “And rowing was really — it was weird a little bit to get used to at first because it’s kind of an awkward motion, but it’s really fun to row once you get used to it.”

Both campers said they plan to come back next year.

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