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By Road

Since Atlantic City is on an island, access routes are limited: Mainly the Atlantic City Expressway, Black Horse Pike and White Horse Pike.

The expressway is usually the fastest way to get into town. It will cost you $3.75 to drive its entire length, but you’re paying for convenience.

Except, that is, on busy summer weekends and during some special events, like the city’s annual air show. Traffic gets pretty heavy, so don’t be surprised if you’re stuck in a long line of cars.

Insider Tip: If it’s a busy weekend, try the White Horse Pike, which can be less congested than the expressway or the Black Horse Pike.

Once you get to the city, there are a number of privately-owned parking lots. Parking costs at those lots vary based on the time of year, location and whether there’s a major event occurring. When the latter happens, and during the height of the summer season, expect to pay a few dollars more.

The South Jersey Transportation Authority, or SJTA, operates parking lots at Fairmount and Mississippi avenues, and at Atlantic and Mississippi avenues. Both lots charge $6 during the week, and the price goes up on the weekend. The lot at Atlantic and Mississippi avenues is open around the clock.

SJTA also runs a parking garage on New York Avenue between Atlantic and Pacific avenues. The garage is always open, and there’s a maximum charge of $7 for 24 hours.

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