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After Christmas presents have been opened and Christmas Day is over for another year, some may find their bins are full to the brim. Many also decide to have a clear-out over Christmas of items that cannot be disposed of with household waste. Read on to find out when your local tip is open over Christmas.

Is the dump open on Boxing Day?

To find out whether your local recycling centre is open, you will need to check with your local authority.

On the Government website HERE, you can type in your postcode and find out where your local waste disposal centre is.

You can find out more about how your council will be collecting rubbish over the Christmas period, and how to recycle certain household items like mobile phones or packaging.

Your local authority website will also include details of local recycling centres.

This tool is for England and Wales only.

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Also, it’s important to remember that sticky tape also needs to be removed from wrapping paper for it to be recycled.

One way to check if wrapping paper can be recycled is the ‘scrunch’ test.

You can try to scrunch the wrapping paper into a ball, and if the paper remains scrunched, it may be recyclable.

To be certain whether your wrapping paper will be accepted, check with your local authority.

Some local authorities may let you put wrapping paper into your household recycling bins, but some may require the wrapping paper to be dropped off at a recycling centre.

It’s also important to remember items such as polystyrene, which is particularly common packaging for children’s toys, might not be accepted in your recycling bins.

Some waste disposal centres may accept polystyrene, however, and electrical items also need to be taken to a recycling centre to be disposed of correctly.

Check with your local authority to find out what you can recycle this Christmas.




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