International and domestic travel banned in Tier 4

However, the British Government has notified the World Health Organisation about the new strain so that other countries could prevent Britons from travelling there if they wish.

Additionally, all tiers are being advised to “stay local” by the Prime Minister. In Tier 3, residents were also advised not to travel abroad or to other areas of the UK. The rest of England will also see the Christmas “bubble” policy – allowing up to three household to meet up over the holiday period – severely curtailed, applying on Christmas Day only.

As yet, new FCDO advice has not been published. This news, less than a week before Christmas, will be catastrophic for millions who have already arranged their travel to visit loved ones both within the four nations and abroad.

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency, told Telegraph Travel: “It’s a sad but clearly necessary decision, bearing in mind the speed with which this new strain travels. It’s heartbreaking for so many people, not just those staying in the UK, but also for those who booked to travel overseas from tomorrow to places like Dubai and Maldives after corridors were recently opened.

“These restrictions will be in place for some time and will be terrible news for cottage owners who’ve rented out their places over Christmas and New Year; for airlines who will have to refund so many passengers; and for hotels who were hoping to be full with guests from Tier 4 areas. It’s a very sad end to a pretty miserable year. 2021 can only get better.”

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