Heathrow passengers told to ‘lie’ about quarantine to avoid immigration queues

Double-jabbed travellers arriving from amber list destinations should ‘lie’ about their intention to self-isolate, in order to avoid lengthy border control queues, an immigration source has advised. 

Yesterday evening, Heathrow T5 e-gates appeared unable to process the new rules for fully vaccinated travellers, forcing them into 2.5-hour immigration queues.

Among them was Telegraph Travel correspondent John Arlidge, who was advised by an immigration officer that travellers should ‘lie’ on their PLF, stating that they will self-isolate, even though the legal requirement to do so has now ended. 

‘If, however, you tell the truth on the locator from and say you are exempt and tick the ‘Government / assembly approved’ reason (which is the only option that makes any sense), you cannot use the E-Gates,’ writes Arlidge.

So, it looks like the government needs to update the locator form – and explain why it hasn’t done so despite announcing the rule change for arrivals from amber countries 10 days ago.’

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