Families ready to be reunited with their loved ones

WICHITA, Kan. ( KSNW)– Many people will be traveling by air this holiday weekend. KSN’s Andrea Herrera spoke with five families this Christmas Eve day who say even with the ongoing pandemic they will continue their travel plans.

” I am so excited I can’t wait to hug him,” said traveler, Rubianne Knowles.

Travelers like Rubianne Knowles have been eager for this moment to arrive.

“I just can’t wait to see him,” added Knowles.

Knowles says for them 2020 has been difficult and now that she is hours away from seeing her son it almost seems unreal.

“I haven’t seen my youngest son in 3 years,’ said Knowles.

Similar to Ross Regrer who flew into Eisenhower airport this morning to spend some much-needed time with his parents after a year apart.

“A great feeling being able to be back home. Puts me at ease takes away some of the stress,” said traveler, Ross Regrer.

Both families say despite the COVID-19 health risk they feel this holiday trip was necessary after a year of unfortunate events.

“Aww man it’s great to see my family again like i said it been a year a very long year to be honest with 2020 but just a chance to be able and come back home spend the holidays with my family,” added Regrer.

Most of the travelers on Christmas Eve used their facemask inside the airport and say they tried to social distance as much as possible during their flights.


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