EU edges closer to vaccine passport but says travel curbs will stay for months

The Government has been urged to rethink its roadmap and allow all UK campsites to reopen on April 12. 

Interest in holidays under canvas is said to be high, with reporting that visits to its website are up 250%. However, because of their shared toilet facilities, thousands of campsites across the country will not be able to reopen alongside other self-catering accommodation – and must instead wait until May 17

Martin Smith, the founder of, said: “Under the current roadmap, pubs and shops can open their toilet facilities for customers from April 12, but campsites must keep theirs closed until May 17.

“This matters, because it stops thousands of campsites opening for the early Bank Holiday weekend, depriving independent sites the chance to claw back some of the revenue they have lost from missing successive Easters and all of spring 2020.

“We want the Government to reconsider their decision and level the playing field for campsites. If toilets are OK for pubs and shops, there’s no sane reason they can’t be opened at campsites too.”

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