Dos And Don’ts Of Your First Nakation

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try a nude vacation. Whether it’s a visit to a clothing-optional beach, hanging out at the local nudist resort, or living it up on a nude cruise, there are certain do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of before stepping out of your clothes. You may be eager, nervous, excited, suddenly shy, or all of the above, but you can’t just drop your clothes in the middle of the parking lot. Well, not unless the parking lot is in the middle of a designated naturist area. France’s famous “nude city” Cap d’Agde has a “quartier naturiste” which is like any small town, but here you can be naked. So, once you’ve parked your car, paid, and displayed your ticket, you are free to strip and wander around the “naked quarter” in your birthday suit.

Nude vacations are the most stress-free and relaxing times you can have. But, like any vacation, it takes planning and knowledge of what to expect and how to behave. Here are some tips to make your first nakation enjoyable and relaxing.

1. Do Pack The One Naturist Essential Item: A Towel

If you pack nothing else, this is a must. You will need it to sit on, to lie on, and anywhere else you might want to park your bum. You will never see a naturist without one. It’s all about hygiene. On nude cruises and many higher-end resorts, you will be able to pick up a beach towel from the front desk, but it’s always a good idea to bring at least one of your own. Take the towel with you when you are walking and may want to sit. Sitting bare assed on anything is a big no-no. Sarongs or pareos may be used instead of a towel, of course — it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as there is a piece of cloth between you and the thing you are sitting or lying on.

2. Do Bring Lots of Sunscreen

You cannot bring too much sunscreen — and make sure it is a high factor. There will be bits of your body that have not been exposed to the sun before, so they need to be well protected. Burned boobs and sunburn in the nether regions will soon make your nakation miserable.

3. Do Wear A Hat

It doesn’t matter whether you are nude or not, if you’re follically challenged and the sun is out, wear a hat.

Woman with a pareo, a useful naturist accessory.
Chris Moore

4. Do Invest In A Pareo Or Sarong

These wraps are not just for the ladies. When you are entering a restaurant, shop, or anywhere else where you need to be clothed — or feel more comfortable clothed — just throw on a wrap. Let’s face it, even though shopping naked is quite fun, once you’ve leaned into a deep freeze to pick out that frozen pizza, you’ll remember to throw on a wrap! There’s nothing easier (or smaller and lighter to pack) to wrap around you than a pareo. It can cover a person from top to bottom or just around the waist — whatever is appropriate.

5. Do Bring A Bag Or Small Rucksack

“Okay … so where do I put my keys, driving license, wallet, et cetera?” Bring a lightweight bag or, better still, a light rucksack. It’s easy to carry, and it’s amazing how much stuff you can stuff into a small expandable rucksack. It often amazes me how, as naturists, we minimize clothing but can still fill rucksacks with other paraphernalia — have you ever tried putting scuba gear into a rucksack?! A rucksack is actually really useful if you’re planning some naked hiking. It’s a great place to put your street clothes and easy to pull out the wrap to briefly cover up for when you come across textile ramblers (who are hot and sweaty and look at you bemused but with a tinge of envy).

6. Do Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

As a first-time visitor to a nudist club, someone from the club will typically escort you and show you around the facilities. Believe it or not, this can be the most awkward part of your visit as you will be clothed and everyone else naked. You will feel like the odd one out, and it’s only natural that first-time nudists feel a sense of apprehension and perhaps self-consciousness as they undress. So, wear loose-fitting, easy-to-get-out-of clothing that makes this first step go smoothly.

Naturists enjoying Everson Ranch in Valley View Hot Springs.

Chris Moore

Naturists love the feeling of sun, air, and water on their bodies — but burning hot sand or razor-sharp shells slicing their feet — not so much. Water shoes are great for messing about in water or walking along a white-hot beach. Sturdy boots (and socks — you can still be a naturist if you wear these) are a must if you are hiking a trail. 

8. Do Bring An Open Mind

Chances are you’re going to see naked people of various ages, colors, shapes, and sizes. Some will have tattoos, others piercings. Some will be young, others old. Some will have a partner of the same sex. Who cares? There will likely be a teacher present (somehow naturism is a draw for educators), a bus driver, an accountant, a plumber, an author, a factory worker, an award-winning poet, a midnight shift security officer, and maybe a preacher. You have no idea just by looking at them. Being nude is a great leveler, so leave your prejudices behind with your clothes.

9. Do Be Sociable And Make New Friends

Naturists are generally friendly people — after all, they have nothing to hide. Talk, and they will talk back. If they invite you to participate in water volleyball — go. Not only is it great fun, but it’s also an easy way to meet new people. Jump in the pool — naturists love to talk in the pool. You’ll soon find that you have more in common than not wearing clothes. You are among like-minded people, so you already have a connection.

A naturist couple enjoying the outdoors.

Chris Moore

10. Do Be Considerate Where And How You Undress

This might sound obvious but you can’t just drop your pants in the middle of the street. Make sure you are on the “designated” (or at least very remote) part of the beach before undressing. Except in European countries where nudity is accepted on almost all beaches, there will be areas where it’s clearly not appropriate to be nude. For most naturists, getting out of clothing can’t happen quickly enough, and it’s amazing how three layers can be peeled off with a single sweep of the hand. For first-timers, it may take a bit longer but don’t make it a titillating striptease. If you’re hiking naked, be prepared to cover up if you pass others on the trail who are dressed. On a boat, don’t undress until you have left port. The idea is to enjoy life in the nude — not to make others uncomfortable.

On the Verboten side, there are really only three things to remember.

1. Do Not Let Your Cheeks Hit A Chair Without A Towel

Although this is mentioned earlier, it is worth reiterating this point — take your towel with you and never sit without something between you and the chair.

 2. Do Not Stare

Yes, you are going to see people of both sexes naked. My mother always told me it’s rude to stare — so don’t. If you are talking to someone, keep eye contact. You are talking to the person, not their boobs or nether regions. Will you find yourself looking at others? Of course, we’re human and check out others, just as you would if you were clothed.

3. Do Not Bring Your Camera

Never, ever, take photographs of naked people unless you have specific permission. Otherwise, you may find your camera (or phone) at the bottom of the pool and you being marched out of the resort. Many clubs and resorts have very strict rules about photography — some ban cameras completely (including phones) from any nude public area, others restrict use to your immediate family only. It is entirely possible to make memories of your first nude vacation — just be open, ask permission, and you will likely capture that moment you first said ahhhh

And finally, don’t forget to get dressed at the end of your vacation. Naturists will tell you getting dressed after a day or weeks in the nude is the worst part of nudism. So dress light — don’t squeeze into that tight bra or pants that are one size too small — but do put on some clothes before you leave.

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