DIA expects Labor Day weekend travel to double from 2020; here’s what to know

DENER (KDVR) — Denver International Airport is gearing up for a busy Labor Day Weekend. Airport officials say they expect more than one million passengers between Sep. 2 – 7, doubling numbers from 2020.

However, the delta variant could threaten a long-term comeback for the airport, and travel overall.
According to a DIA spokesperson, TSA levels were down about 13% for August, compared to 2019. 

Last week, numbers suffered a deeper decline; in part, officials believe, as Denver Public School students headed back to school.

  • Tuesday, Aug. 24: Down 23%
  • Wednesday, Aug. 25: Down 30%
  • Thursday, Aug. 26: Down 24%

For those heading to the airport this weekend, a federal mask mandate is still in effect. Travelers can expect to see fewer TSA lanes, while work is ongoing for the Great Hall project is ongoing.

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