Customer Leaves A $16,000 Tip For This Restaurant; Owner Amazed By Generosity

The coronavirus pandemic has left many individuals helpless and in a vulnerable financial situation. While most of us have to work from our homes, many still have to travel in crowded buses, trains and meet people for their work. As the public tries to grapple with the ongoing situation, there are many people and NGOs who have come forward for humanitarian causes. From providing free food and safety kits to helping those in need of financial assistance, many have emerged as a new hope in people’s lives.

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Recently, something similar happened at Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire. When restaurant owner took over his Facebook to thank a customer for paying him a $16,000 tip on a total of $37 bill, the owner was left surprised. The $16,000 tip rounds up to a sum of more than INR 11 lakh. On the Facebook page of the New Hampshire restaurant, the owner posted a photo of the bill and wrote, “Stumble inn had a very generous customer. We thank you for your generosity.”


Restaurant owner took over his Facebook to thank a customer for paying him a $16,000 tip

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One of the user commented, “God Bless that customer! All that needs to be in employees hands, not owners. I am really sure that was the intention. Don’t forget that..” while another user wrote, “This is proof that decent people are out there!!! In this case, far exceeding simple decency, and truly stepping up to help his community! So much respect!!! Amazing!!”

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