Criticism of West Sussex tips booking system proposals

Littlehampton's rubbish tip
Littlehampton’s rubbish tip

It used to be easy to take stuff to throw away or recycle at Shoreham’s household waste recycling site any day of the week. Then it closed the place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Then it cut the hours it was open on other days. Then it made you identify yourself with photo ID so that it was easier to travel from one European country to another (at least before Brexit) than to get into the place with your black sacks.

And now? It will make you book in advance. Just like if you were going on holiday. But with black sacks rather than suitcases and sun cream!

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Booking system to be trialled at rubbish tips in Shoreham and Littlehampton

There’s a serious point here. Rubbish disposal is an absolutely core council service. Recycling is even more important.

West Sussex County Council is running them down – and causing problems for the future. One of which will be an unwelcome increase in fly-tipping.

The council pleads lack of money. But that’s rich coming from a council which wasted £4million on a bungled road maintenance contract and gave its former chief executive a £265,000 golden goodbye.

Even a fraction of that money could have kept the Shoreham tip providing its original service.

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