COVID live updates: Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan elevates Victoria’s travel risk to ‘extreme’

Re: WA
How is it that SA has been moved to very low risk and QLD is at a stand still as low risk and have to quarantine, we both share boarder’s with NSW?

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So does Qld’s proximity to NSW mean Qld will be ‘low-risk’ indefinitely in WA, no matter how few cases we have?


McGowan just said the border with QLD is only being maintained because of the proximity to NSW. Seems unfair 😞😞


A lot of similar comments to these have come through since Mark McGowan’s press conference before. 

ICYMI, he upgraded Victoria to an extreme-risk jurisdiction (which basically means you have next to no chance of getting in).

Some had hoped that he might downgrade Queensland to a very low-risk jurisdiction in line with the NT, SA and Tasmania because cases there have been fairly under control — but he says it will stay low-risk (which means you have to quarantine on arrival) because of its “proximity to NSW”. 

“Queensland is a low-risk jurisdiction, and the reason it’s low-risk is because it’s had maybe one or two cases in the last few weeks,” he says.

“The reason we’ve kept it as low-risk is its proximity to NSW, otherwise we would have sent it to very low risk so it would have been like SA and the NT. We’re not particularly worried about Queensland.”

But despite not being worried, arrivals from the sunshine state still have to complete a G2G pass, complete a health screening on arrival, quarantine for 14 days at a “suitable premises” if one is available or pay for hotel quarantine if a suitable premises isn’t available, wear a mask and get tested twice in the first 14 days of arriving in WA.

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