Coronavirus live news: Germany bans travel from UK, Brazil and South Africa; Covid spread slows in every global region | World news

There were 18% fewer cases in Africa, 16% fewer in the United States and Canada, 10% fewer in Europe, eight percent fewer in Latin America and the Caribbean, a decline of seven percent in the Middle East and a drop of five percent in Asia.

This week, Europe and the US/Canada were home to nearly two-thirds, or 65 percent, of the new cases.

On a country level, Kazakhstan is the country where the epidemic is spiking most, with 42% more, or 1,400 new cases per day, among the countries which have registered more than 1,000 daily cases over the past week. The country had also seen a surge the previous week.

Portugal follows with 17% more (12,900 cases), Belgium with 10% more (2,200 cases), Peru with seven percent more (5,300 cases), and the United Arab Emirates with six percent more (3,700).

The biggest decrease was again in Ireland with 43% fewer, or 1,500 new cases per day, after a comparable decrease the week before.

Tunisia follows with 33% fewer or 1,900 cases, South Africa down 32% or 8,100, Denmark down 30% or 700 cases, and Britain down 29% or 28,600 cases.

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