Conde Nast Traveler’s biggest list yet of travel specialists is live: Travel Weekly

Conde Nast Traveler has published its latest list of Top Travel Specialists online and in its April print edition.

The article highlights a number of this year’s specialists and trips they have planned, and it tells readers “all the reasons you should use a travel specialist — now more than ever.”

This year, Conde Nast’s list includes 434 travel advisors, the most it has ever included.

“These are the pros who assemble many of the elaborate itineraries that appear in this magazine, and since the dawn of the pandemic, their up-to-the-minute insights on shifting safety protocols have made them even more essential,” the print article stated. 

“If you don’t rely on them yet, now is the time to start.”

Conde Nast’s list of specialists originated years ago with Wendy Perrin’s “Wendy’s List.” She had received so many requests for specialists from travelers while at Conde Nast that she suggested publishing her Rolodex of contacts. Perrin, who is no longer with Conde Nast, maintains the Wow List of specialists on her website.

Travel + Leisure also publishes its own top specialists list, the A-List, which shifted to a membership model three years ago.

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