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PAYETTE — How much of one’s expenses are covered when traveling on official city business? That’s the question the Payette City Council sought to answer at its regular meeting Monday. 

During the meeting, the council discussed Resolution 2021-07, which authorizes Mayor Jeff Williams and the council to amend the city’s personnel policy manual, as it pertains to travel and per diem allowance while personnel are on official business.

“Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that our per diem for travel, for meals has been low,” said Deputy City Clerk Bobbie Black, in explaining the resolution being placed on the agenda. “We’ve had employees go to Boise, bigger cities and come back, and they’ve spent more. So we started looking into what other cities have been doing.”

Black said she compared Payette’s per diem policy against those of cities like Fruitland, Weiser, Eagle, Emmett and Caldwell, to determine how to adjust per diem rates.

Following are examples of per diem changes to be made under this resolution.

• For in-state, partial day business, meals may be reimbursed at a maximum rate of $12.25 for breakfast, $17.15 for lunch and $26.95 for dinner. Previously, these rates were $7, $10 and $15, respectively, and were capped at $30.

• Out-of-state, breakfasts are reimbursed up to $13.75 or 25% of the federal rate, lunches $17.15 or 35% of federal and dinners $30.25 or 55% of federal.

• The maximum full-day allowance is $49 in-state, and $55 out-of-state except where subject to federal per diem rates.

“All travel expenses that have been paid by the employee shall be requested on the city’s reimbursement form and signed by the supervisor,” the proposed policy states. 

Councilor Lori Steiniker moved to approve the resolution, seconded by Councilor Mike Kee. The roll call vote to approve was unanimous, 6-0.

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